GMA: Larry Hagman Home Sells For $5 Million & MTV VMAs Move To Boston


GMA: Amanda Knox Back To Trial

Good Morning America reported March 26 2013 that the highest criminal court in Italy has overturned American Amanda Knox’s acquittal. After an initial conviction of murdering her 21-year-old British roommate, Amanda Knox was acquitted and allowed to go home to Washington state 18 months ago. The reason for the refusal remains unclear, but the Italian court has 90 days to explain their decision.

GMA: Gay Marriage Debated In Supreme Court

GMA: Larry Hagman Home Sells For $5 Million & MTV VMAs Move To Boston

Larry Hagman’s home sold for $5 million. The mansion, called “heaven,” has many great features and even has a helipad. (Helga Esteb /


Today the Supreme Court will review California’s voter-approved ban on gay marriage. This is the first serious examination of gay rights in about 10 years for the court.

GMA: North Korea Says It’s Combat Ready

North Korea has declared that it’s ready for combat and prepared to target U.S. positions in the Pacific Ocean. U.S. officials said that the U.S. is fully prepared to defend itself and its allies. Experts say an attack by North Korea is extremely unlikely.

GMA: Owner Of Plane Crash Home Speaks Out

A woman in Indiana whose home was struck by a plane last week is speaking out. Seconds before the crash, the woman was praying when she heard the phone ring across the room. When she went to answer it, the plane crashed in the spot she was just standing.


GMA: Larry Hagman’s Home Goes For $5 Million

Former Dallas star Larry Hagman could call his California mansion a “ranch” if he wanted to, but his home just sold for $5 million. The home was originally listed in 2009 for $11 million. The mansion, nicknamed “heaven,” has everything from an indoor spa to a helipad.

GMA: MTV Video Music Awards Move To Boston

The MTV Video Music Awards are moving to Boston this year for their 30th anniversary. The show will air in August.

GMA: Chicago Couple’s Apartment Ads Photo-Bombed By a Dog

A Chicago couple who put up an ad on Craigslist to rent their apartment made headlines when their ad became popular because their dog is in every single picture of the listing. Sometimes the dog is out in the open and sometimes he is mostly hidden, but viewers of the ad delighted in trying to find him. The apartment was rented in 24 hours.


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