GMA: Kim Kardashian Baby Shower & Cindy Crawford Wants Body Acceptance


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Having a Girl

Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy feels longer than Jessica Simpson’s. Between the inappropriate fashion choices and Kanye’s surly attitude with signs, I think we’re all ready for baby Kardashian-West to be born. Kim revealed during the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians  that she is having a baby girl.

This is great news for Kim, who just a year ago was telling the world she might not be able to have children. Apparently, all she needed was Kanye West. They will welcome their daughter in July.


Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood Baby Shower

The Kardashian clan and friends gathered in Hollywood over the weekend for a fabulous baby shower honoring Miss Kim. In attendance was The Spice Girls’ Mel B, E! Fashion Police star Kelly Osbourne and Kanye West himself. The guests wore white and sported flower wreaths on their heads. 

GMA: Kim Kardashian Baby Shower & Cindy Crawford Wants Body Acceptance

Cindy Crawford is hoping to accept her body by age 50. The model has given herself three years to achieve body acceptance. (s_bukley /

While Kim K’s fashion has been under fire her entire pregnancy, friends said that the mommy-to-be looked fabulous at her shower.


Cindy Crawford Hopes For Body Acceptance by Age 50

When a supermodel is talking about body acceptance, the nation does a collective eye roll. Beautiful 47-year-old Cindy Crawford has given herself a deadline. She wants to fully accept her body for the way it is three years from now. No word on how she plans to do this.

Crawford’s lastest photo shoot shows her in a glamorous black dress with high-thigh slit. Anyone who looks like that doesn’t really need to worry about body acceptance. Millions would kill for Cindy Crawford’s good looks.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt World War Z Red Carpet Premiere Interview

After shocking the world and gaining support of fans, Angelina Jolie took to the red carpet premiere of her husband Brad Pitt’s film World War Z over the weekend.

Jolie recently underwent a preventative double mastectomy when she found out she carried the gene from breast cancer. After receiving support from Pitt, Jolie showed her devotion by supporting his premiere.

Angelina said that Brad Pitt has been incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. Pitt said that this move meant the world to him and their family. It means that he won’t have to explain to his children why mommy isn’t around and they can raise their family together.

Muse performed at the premiere of the film in London. Brad Pitt said that he wanted to do this film, because his kids love big action packed blockbusters.

“I guarantee you it’s going to be the most intense film you see all summer,” Pitt said.


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