GMA: Kelly Osbourne Dating Matthew Mosshart & Natural Bridge Ranch


Beyonce Confronts Fan for Slapping Her Butt

At a concert Monday night in Copenhagen, Beyonce got a little bit of encouragement from her fans in the front row. A male fan reached out during her performance of “Irreplaceable” and slapped Bey’s behind.

“I will have you escorted out now, all right?” she told the fan.


While Beyonce loves her fans, she doesn’t tolerate an disrespect or fondling. Especially fondling. Let this be a lesson to Beyonce fans everywhere—I don’t think you will ever be ready for that jelly, and her bootylicious bod belongs to Jay-Z.

GMA: Kelly Osbourne Dating Matthew Mosshart & Natural Bridge Ranch

Kelly Osbourne opened up about her new love, Matthew Mosshart, and her dad’s recent drug relapse. Twin giraffes were born at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Downton Abbey Estate Top Earner On the BBC Drama

Over 1,500 visitors a day pay $27 to traipse through the halls and yard of Highclere Castle, the setting of Downton Abbey. This makes it the top earner in the series, topping Dame Maggie Smith.


Not to mention all of the extras that fans indulge in—polo shirts, programs, guidebooks, and everything else available in the gift shop. Lady Carnarvon owns Highclere and she said the money goes to the upkeep and running of the castle throughout the year.

Twin Reticulated Giraffes Born at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Get ready to squeal with the cute. The only known set of reticulated giraffe twins were born May 10 at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas. Wassawa and Nakato are doing great and they make the 19th and 20th rare giraffes born to the ranch. Giraffes are born while the mother is standing, but the jolt on the ground is supposed to start their heart.

Kelly Osbourne Open About Ozzy Osbourne’s Addictions

In an interview with Cosmopolitancover girl Kelly Osbourne is opening up about her life, her health and her famous father.

Kelly said that her father Ozzy Osbourne’s admission of falling of the wagon and turning back to drugs was something she understood and respected him for being honest. She said it didn’t make her love him any less. Her mother, Sharon, opened up to The Talk about Ozzy’s relapse, saying she was “devastated.” Kelly has struggled with addiction and said it’s something she will always battle.

“I take the necessary precautions,” she said.

Kelly Osbourne Seizure & Boyfriend Matthew Mosshart

In March 2013, Kelly had a seizure on the set of E!’s Fashion Police. She appears to have recovered, but is taking things slower. She’s also proud to say that she has slimmed down 70 pounds.

“I get hit on all the time… and I’m like, I’ve always been me. You didn’t like me before!”

Her boyfriend of two year, Matthew Mosshart, encourages her to be nice to guys. In addition to her love, Kelly is hoping for a bright future filled with kids and Golden Globes.

“People think this is my 15 minutes,” Kelly said. “Well, [expletive] you, I’ve got an hour.”


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