GMA: Kate Upton Vs Victoria’s Secret & T-Rex Eats Wedding Party Photo


Dinosaur Attack at Wedding Photographed by Quinn Miller

Photographer Quinn Miller snapped the most legendary of wedding photos. A young bride and groom run from a T Rex with their wedding party lagging behind. If you view the photo, it appears that only seven bridesmaids have survived the attack, while all of the groomsmen are running to safety.

I guess the old myth of having your bridesmaids in ugly dresses to ward off bad wedding wishes gets a new meaning here. Now you just need to be able to outrun them.


Jon Bon Jovi Waives Performance Fee in Spain, Makes Tickets Affordable

Jon Bon Jovi waived his appearance fee for an upcoming concert in Spain. Due to hard economic times, fans are unable to pay the high ticket prices. Bon Jovi wants to give his fans all the appreciation he can, so tickets will now be $50 to $20.

GMA: Kate Upton Vs Victoria's Secret & T-Rex Eats Wedding Party Photo

Kate Upton was shocked to see herself in the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog. After ending her contract with the company, they used a photo from 2011. (Anton Oparin /

Donuts + Croissants = Cronuts Created by Dominique Ansel

I’m baffled. I’m pleased. I’m over the moon. Two of the greatest creations known to man—donut and croissants—got together and made a baby. The cronut is all the buttery, flaky goodness of a croissant and the sweet fried awesomeness of a donut. Chef Dominique Ansel created the mother of all breakfast foods in New York City and has already applied for a trademark.


A cronut is made by deep frying the croissant dough and coating it in rose sugar. Rumor is that these bad boys have zero calories, but the sugar and icing beg to differ.

Kate Upton Vs Victoria’s Secret: “She’s Like a Footballer’s Wife”

After a heated blowup, Kate Upton and Victoria’s Secret are no more. Her contract with the brand and their personal relationship went down the tubes when a spokesperson for the brand said, “We would never use Kate… She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

Upton was shocked to see her face and cleavage in the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog. The images of Kate in a black bra with wind swept hair were taken in 2011, long before the disillusion of her and Victoria’s Secret.

For the company to use the images without Upton’s knowledge is more than a little shady. If she wasn’t good enough back then, why use her now? Well, simply because they do own the photos and Kate Upton is a hot commodity.


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