GMA: Kate Middleton Having a Boy? & Rocky the Musical Broadway 2014


Rocky the Musical Coming To Broadway In 2014

The film about a down and out boxer is currently making it’s song and dance premiere in Hamburg, Germany. It’s receiving good reviews, so American fans of the film will be excited to hear it’s coming to the U.S. Rocky the Musical will be on Broadway in 2014.

Lara Spencer gave us fun facts about Rocky the film. The film was written by Sylvester Stalone and he had to argue with the production company to play the role. It took 28 days to make the film and it went on to win the Best Picture Award.


GMA: Kate Middleton Having a Boy? & Rocky the Musical Broadway 2014

Kate Middleton and Price William are celebrating their second anniversary. Could they also be celebrating a baby boy due in July? (image credit: catwalker,

William and Catherine: Second Wedding Anniversary Plans

Happy second wedding anniversary to my favorite royals, Prince William and Duchess Catherine. I wonder, two years after the wedding will I be able to buy a 2013 Royal Wedding calendar? I’ve grown accustomed to mine the last two years.

The royal lovebirds are spending the day doing what they do best, philanthropy. Kate Middleton will be at Children’s Hospice and she has a new PSA out encouraging others to donate to the charity.


Is Kate Middleton Having a Boy?

The biggest news of all on the royal front is the Royal Baby, due in July. Reports are running rampant about a blue Bugaboo stroller that Kate has allegedly purchased. Will we have a new baby prince to dote on, or a feminist princess that says no to gender stereotypes? The suspense is killing me.

Miriam Tucker Swallows One Karat Diamond Hidden In Champagne

While slipping an engagement ring into a champagne flute is a widely known proposal idea, this was probably not the same thing. A charity decided to put a one carat diamond in one of their champagne flutes at a fundraiser. Miriam Tucker never heard about the idea and she swallowed the diamond.

Don’t worry, everyone is fine. Doctors were able to remove the diamond and Miriam is giving it to her granddaughter. That’s a very special heirloom indeed.


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