GMA: Justin Timberlake Tour & Jennifer Lawrence Wardrobe Malfunction?


GMA: Robin Roberts Return Next Wednesday

The 8 a.m. hour of Good Morning America February 12 2013 began with George Stephanopoulos reminding everyone that anchor Robin Roberts, who has been out on medical leave to get a bone marrow transplant, will be returning to Good Morning America seven days from today, next Wednesday, February 20.

GMA: North Korea Nuclear Test

GMA: Cruise Ship Adrift & Jennifer Lawrence Wardrobe Malfunction?

Jennifer Lawrence’s dress from the SAG Awards was being talked about again on Good Morning America February 12 2013, because Marion Cotillard’s dress at the BAFTA Awards came under similar scrutiny. (Helga Esteb /


North Korea has announced its third nuclear test on North Korean TV. The White House has called it a “highly provocative act.” North Korea is saying the test is a response to new sanctions and what it calls U.S. threats. The U.N Security Council is having an emergency meeting this morning to discuss the threat.

GMA: Pope Benedict XVI Secret Operation

An Italian newspaper reports that Pope Benedict XVI had a secret operation three months ago to replace his pacemaker.

There’s no clear frontrunner for his replacement, but the Vatican has said that Pope Benedict will have no role in choosing his successor.


GMA: Carvival Cruise Ship Still Stranded

The Carnival cruise ship stranded in the Gulf of Mexico without power since Sunday will now be towed to Alabama and not Mexico because of strong currents.  This means another day at sea for the over 4,000 people aboard.

GMA: George Stephanopoulos On The Daily Show

George Stephanopoulos was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart recently, where Jon Stewart told him he thought he was on television more than there are hours in the day. George Stephanopoulos responded that it was his day off. Jon Stewart asked him if it really was his day off and George Stephanopoulos said, “Well, I’m here.”

Lara Spencer, who reported this story, said, “It wasn’t really a day off, I guess.”

GMA: Westminster Dog Show Kicks Off

The 137th Westminster Dog Show has kicked off, with over 2700 dogs competing from 187 different breeds.

GMA: Justin Timberlake Jay-Z Tour?

Justin Timberlake basically admitted recently that he and Jay-Z will be taking their “Suit and Tie” show on the road. Justin Timberlake said the official announcement will be made on Twitter.

GMA: Jennifer Lawrence Wardrobe Malfunction?

Remember how Jennifer Lawrence‘s dress at the SAG Awards supposedly malfunctioned, but it turned out that what looked like a malfunction was actually part of the design? Marion Cotillard could compare notes with Jennifer Lawrence, because her dress at the BAFTA Awards is also being said to have malfunctioned when it didn’t.

The bright yellow dress Marion Cotillard wore from Dior looked like it had ripped on her leg, but it turned out that it was a see-through panel, intended to be part of the dress from the beginning. Good Morning America showed a picture of a model on the runway with the dress, with the same tear.

Sam Champion was still baffled by the wardrobe malfunctions. He asked if they could talk about it again tomorrow so he could understand what happened.


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