GMA: Justin Bieber Had Bad 19th Birthday Party & Baby Cured Of HIV?


GMA: Cardinals Meet At the Vatican To Choose New Pope

Good Morning America reported March 4 2013 that Cardinals from around the world met at the Vatican to vote on a new Pope. Right now, it doesn’t look like there are any frontrunners. An imposter dressed as a bishop tried to enter the meeting, but wasn’t successful. Meanwhile, the Pope’s tailor was getting ready to fit whoever the new Pope may be.

GMA: Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized For Stomach Bug

Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized for a stomach bug, which is the first time in about a decade the 86-year-old has been hospitalized. The stomach bug isn’t serious, but because of her age, the Queen will spend another night in the hospital.


GMA: Baby Cured Of HIV?

GMA: Justin Bieber Had Bad 19th Birthday Party & Baby Cured Of HIV?

Justin Bieber had a bad 19th birthday when his friend Jaden Smith, who is 14, wasn’t allowed into the club where Bieber had his birthday party. (Jaguar PS /

In Mississippi, doctors are saying a baby has been cured of HIV. The baby was given an aggressive cocktail of drugs fewer than two days after birth, instead of the usual lighter dose for babies. The news could change the way millions of babies around the world are treated.

GMA: Casey Anthony Coming Out Of Hiding

Casey Anthony is expected to come out of hiding March 4 2013 for the first time since 2011. She’s due in bankruptcy court and could be forced to say whether she plans to profit from her story.


GMA: Australian Miners Fired For Doing Harlem Shake Video

Fifteen Australian miners who made a video of themselves doing the Harlem Shake in a mine were fired for what their employer called an “unacceptable safety hazard.” The miners said they got the appropriate permission and that nothing was unsafe.

GMA: Justin Bieber Has a Bad Birthday

Justin Bieber‘s 19th birthday party was reportedly a bad one. Even though the Canadian pop star posted on Twitter about how excited he was for the party, when his friend, 14-year-old actor Jaden Smith, wasn’t allowed into the club where Justin Bieber was having his party, Bieber left his party after 15 minutes to go with Jaden Smith to a McDonald’s. Justin Bieber finished out the day by posting on Twitter: “Worst Birthday.”

GMA: Adele Singing For Bond Again

Adele‘s performance at the Oscars impressed the Bond producers so much that they’ve asked her to record another song for the next Bond movie. The singer won the Oscar for Best Original Song, the first time that award was given to a song in all of Bond’s history.

GMA: News Anchor Loses It Covering Swimming Cat

Holly the Cat’s journey to weight loss was a funny story to a lot of anchors, including the GMA hosts, but one anchor in Virginia couldn’t stop laughing at the story. The story revolves around a cat named Holly who doesn’t like exercising outdoors. So her owner decided to put her in a life vest and have her swim to lose weight. The anchor in Virginia started laughing at the story while reporting it, before finally completely losing it. The video has gone viral.


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