GMA: John DeSilvia Closet Renovation Remedies $1000 ClosetMaid Review


GMA: Couple Engaged & Married Live Update

Good Morning America had an update about the couple who got engaged and then married on GMA February 14 2013. Were they really married? The couple went down to City Hall yesterday to make it officially legal. Their first meal as a married couple was a pretzel and a hot dog.

GMA: Baby Born In Blizard

Lauri Wood was expecting a baby, but she never expected to have her baby in the middle of a blizzard. This past weekend, during the blizzard that blanketed the northeast, her town was covered in three feet of snow when it was time for the baby to come. So her husband came up with the idea of pulling her in a sled.


GMA: John DeSilvia Closet Renovation Remedies & $1000 ClosetMaid Review

John DeSilvia recommended the ClosetMaid service for organizing your closet.

Friends and neighbors all came together to pull Lauri Wood up a steep hill in an impromptu sled to have the baby. Their son is healthy and fine now.

GMA: $1000 ClosetMaid Makeover

A New York housewife got a special closet makeover. The woman said that she had three separate wardrobes: one for going to work, one for going out and one for being a mom. The closet was also home to everyone else in the house’s stuff. Even her daughter said she needs separate sections.


Good Morning America set her up with John DeSilvia, an expert in renovating closets, who said that the closet is the very last room anyone thinks of renovating. He said that people should make cleaning it a priority, because it becomes the most unorganized spot in the house.

He said that if you really want to utilize the space, you need to make a custom closet. That’s what he did for this family and they loved the new closet.

GMA: John DeSilvia Closet Tips & Tricks

John DeSilvia said that what he recommends is ClosetMaid, a website where you can enter the dimensions of your closet and the stuff you want to keep in it, including the number of shirts and shoes and everything else you’re putting in there and they will actually make you a custom closet. It will be delivered to your house and you will make it yourself. If you hire a contractor for this, it’ll cost $5,000. But this service is only $1,000.


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