GMA: Joe Hundley Strikes Boy On Flight & Danica Patrick Pole Position


GMA: Lisa Williams Carnival Cruise Lawsuit

The first wave of physical injury lawsuits are coming in after Carnival cruise ship Triumph’s tragic journey last week. The boat lost power after an engine fire. Guests were forced to sleep on the deck and pull beds from in their rooms. Pictures surfaced all over the internet of the poor conditions on the ship. Sewage began to back up into the ship and food and water were scarce.

Lisa Williams is the first person from the cruise to file a physical injury lawsuit. She said she didn’t know if she would survive the ordeal. She was in and out of the ER all weekend for dehydration. She said that she was never offered extra water and was not going to drink anything that came out of the ship. She’s asking for $75,000 and doesn’t want something like this to be allowed to happen again.


Carnival has not seen this latest lawsuit and refused to comment. Their website says they are not liable for emotional or mental suffering on board.

GMA: Joe Hundley Strikes 19-month-old Child On Flight

GMA: Joe Hundley Strikes Boys On Flight & Danica Patrick Pole Position

Danica Patrick won the pole position in the Daytona 500 qualifier on Sunday. (Action Sports Photography /

A man struck a young boy on a flight and started spewing racial slurs. Jessica Bennett was holding her 19-month-old adopted son Jonah. Jonah began crying when the plane descended and the passenger next to her, Joe Hundley, shook his head and called Jonah a racial slur. He then whispered it in the young mother’s ear. She screamed and pushed Hundley away, alerting other passengers. That was when Hundley struck the boy.


Bennett said her son knows he was hit by a stranger and is now leery of strangers. Jonah received cuts and bruises from the hit. A witness on board is backing Bennett up. Her husband was not on board at the time, but he said he would have physically harmed Hundley.

Last year, Hundley was arrested for drunk driving. His company, AGC Aerospace and Defense, said he is no longer with the company.

GMA: Danica Patrick Pole Position Dayton 500

Danica Patrick made history over the weekend for being the top qualifier in the Daytona 500. She is the first woman to have taken a pole position. She beat out racing legend Jeff Gordon for the top spot in the Super Bowl of racing. Gordon has come in first in the qualifier three times.

Patrick hasn’t won a single race since she switched to Nascar full-time in 2012. Her strategy is to keep the car up front the entire time. If she wins the Daytona 500, Patrick is said to become the most famous female athlete on Earth.


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