GMA: Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby Bachelor & Cory Hahn Drafted by Diamondbacks


The Baby Bachelor: Jimmy Kimmel’s Nephew Wesley

GMA: Jimmy Kimmel's Baby Bachelor & Cory Hahn Drafted by Diamondbacks

Jimmy Kimmel’s nephew Wesley is looking for “the total package” on tonight’s Baby Bachelor. Cory Hahn was the 34th round draft pick for the Diamondbacks.

First there was The Bachelor, then The Bachelorette. Now, we’re being sucked into The Baby Bachelor. Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof of the dating reality franchise starring his precious nephew, Wesley. Wesley is looking for love and “the total package,” he said. It’s down to the finals. Wesley has to choose between the Party Girl, Jesse, and the Sweetheart, Gabrielle.


“I played him like a fiddle,” Jesse said. When asked what Gabrielle thought of this mean girl, Gabby said she had signed a contract not to say a word against her competition.

On tonight’s brand-new episode of The Baby Bachelor, Wesley goes to visit their girls at home. You can catch it on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11:35/10:35 c.

Good Morning America: Paralyzed Player Cory Hahn 34th Round Draft Pick for Arizona Diamondbacks

In high school, Cory Hahn was California’s Mr Baseball. He went on to play for Arizona State University, but a freak accident in his third game left him paralyzed. As he was sliding into second base, Hahn’s head collided with the second baseman’s knee, fracturing his spine.


Cory said he saw the baseball rolling into the outfield and he tried to jump up to run to third, but his body didn’t respond. His coach was watching from the dugout, praying the Cory had just been knocked out. Paralyzed from the chest down, Hahn’s career was over in an instant.

Two years later, while sitting on a plane, Hahn got the call that changed his life. The Arizona Diamondbacks had selected him in the 34th draft round. The team intends to make sure he has a future in baseball. While he can’t play, the Diamondbacks plan to utilize Cory’s baseball mindset for scouting and baseball operations. It was his dream to work with a Major League Baseball team, and thanks to the classy move by Arizona, Hahn’s talents won’t go to waste.


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