GMA: Jimmy Kimmel Congratulates Jimmy Fallon & Scottish Sweater Ponies


GMA: North Korea Prepares Missiles

Good Morning America reported April 5 2013 that U.S. officials believe that the North Koreans have now positioned a second missile on their eastern coast. A launch could come at any time with little warning. The missile has a range of 2,000 miles and could attack U.S. allies as far as Okinawa and Guam.

GMA: New Revelations In Colorado

GMA: Jimmy Kimmel Congratulates Jimmy Fallon & Scottish Sweater Ponies

Jimmy Kimmel surprised Jimmy Fallon with a congratulatory lunch for him and his staff. (s_bukley /


New details have come to light in the court case of the man accused of the Colorado movie shootings. A psychiatrist apparently warned police the man was homicidal and a danger to the public one month before the massacre, but police never spoke to him.

GMA: Rutgers Assistant Basketball Coach Resigns

An assistant basketball coach at Rutgers University has resigned in the fallout from that video that showed the head coach assaulting players at practice. The head coach is still set to get a $100,000 bonus, causing new outrage.

GMA: Angelina Jolie Donates To Malala Charity

A young woman named Malala was shot by the Taliban because she fought for the right to go to school. Now, that woman has started a charity following her recovery and Angelina Jolie, continuing her efforts to help women around the world, has donated $200,000 to her charity.


GMA: Jimmy Kimmel Gave a Lunch To Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon will be taking over for Leno next Spring and his future competitor Jimmy Kimmel congratulated him by sending a huge lunch for him and his staff. Jimmy Fallon was so moved by the gesture that he posted a picture of it on Instagram.

GMA: New Denny’s For Newlyweds In Las Vegas

Denny’s opened a new restaurant in Las Vegas which offers a wedding chapel, a full bar and breakfast burritos. The first couple just got married there. Sam Champion wondered what they were doing that kept them up all night to get married and have breakfast in the morning at Denny’s.

GMA: Ponies In Sweaters

It’s Scottish week and so Lara Spencer made sure ponies in Scottish sweaters were at the studio. The ponies were kept outside and when the camera cut to Sam accidentally, because he was outside and they were waiting for Lara Spencer to come out, Sam assumed it was time for weather. Lara Spencer shocked him when she came out, saying, “No! I’m still in pop news!” Sam turned  to her and asked, “Why are there ponies in sweaters?”

Lara Spencer proceeded to interview the Scottish woman who put the sweaters on the ponies. “Well, you lie on the ground first of all,” the woman said, before Lara Spencer cut her off and let it go to Sam because they were running out of time. I was kind of wondering what other steps were involved. I mean, those ponies had sweaters covering their legs and bodies. How do you manage that?


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