GMA: Jennifer Aniston Hated “The Rachel” & Mando Joins Sesame Street


Jennifer Aniston Hated “The Rachel” Haircut

GMA: Jennifer Aniston Hated "The Rachel" & Mando Joins Sesame Street

Jennifer Aniston told GMA that she hated “The Rachel.” She didn’t understand why people wanted to copy her iconic hairstyle from Friends. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

Admit it. You’ve gotten “The Rachel” at one point in your hair style life. We’ve all done it. You watch Friends and say, “I want to be as fun and sassy and Jennifer Aniston.” But did you know that she actually hated “The Rachel?”


Chris McMillan, who created this iconic look, did it because Aniston’s hair was dry and frizzy on the ends. He chopped it off and layered her hair around her face to give her a healthier look. They had no idea that it would take off.

In her new webisode, “Good Hair Day,” Aniston said that hair is really important to a woman’s self esteem. She thinks it’s funny that her hair has become such a topic of interest. Growing up, Aniston thought she had the worst hair. She told Allure in 2011 that it was “the ugliest hair cut” she had ever seen.

Ismael Cruz Cordova Sesame Street New Cast Member

It was a call answered around the world. When the option to join the cast of Sesame Street opens up, everyone wants to move on in. GMA revealed the newest human cast member of the popular children’s series, Ismael Cruz Cordova. He’s playing Armando.


Last summer was Sesame Street’s first open call audition. They wanted to cast a young Hispanic actor and found Cordova, the perfect choice in my opinion. He grew up in Puerto Rico and learned to speak English by watching Sesame Street. Now, he will get to do the same thing for kids around the world. Also, he’s adorable.

Armando, known as Mando on the show, will help teach young kids Spanish language and culture. The new season is all about Hispanic heritage and Cordova sang a little bit of a new song in Spanish and English. With Sesame Street[/amazon_link] characters Rosita and Telly by his side, Mando was welcomed to his new home. You can catch the new season of [amazon_link id="B000BGT5YK" target="_blank" ]Sesame Street this September on PBS.


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