GMA: Jay-Z and Beyonce Trip To Cuba & Fake Cookie Monster Gets Violent


GMA: George Stephanopoulos Makes It Spring

George Stephanopoulos decided that since it was so nice outside in New York City, they should bring spring inside the studio on Good Morning America April 9 2013. Crew members brought big set pieces of fake flowers and bushes and, through the magic of computers, the window behind them, which normally shows Times Square, turned into a view of a nice valley and sunrise. Computer-generated butterflies also flew around the studio and George attempted to catch them as they flew by.

GMA: Jay-Z and Beyonce Trip To Cuba & Fake Cookie Monster Gets Violent

Jay-Z and Beyonce visited Cuba recently, causing a huge controversy. (Featureflash /


GMA: Wildfire In Southern Californian

A wildfire has been raging in Southern California, fanned by high winds and forcing hundreds from their homes. The fire has already burned up 170 acres, engulfing at least two homes.

GMA: Rising Tensions In North Korea

North Korea had yet another warning this morning, this time for foreigners in South Korea. North Korea told foreigners to make plans to seek shelter or evacuate altogether as tensions rise.

GMA: Beyonce and Jay-Z Go To Cuba

Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by visiting Cuba. There was a lot of criticism over the visit, but it turns out it was approved by the Treasury Department as a “cultural visit.”


GMA: Fake Cookie Monster Gets Violent

A fake Cookie Monster posed for a picture with a child in Times Square and then demanded a two dollar payment. When the family didn’t pay quickly enough, he swore and pushed the two-year-old he posed with. The child says he now prefers Elmo. The fake Cookie Monster now faces a bunch of charges.

GMA: Scottish Fashion Show

Josh Elliott sported a kilt at a Scottish fashion show April 8 2013, showing off his legs. The event was called From Scotland With Love and it was to raise money for the Wounded Warrior project. Josh said it was a great night and a good cause. Sam Champion asked if it was a loaner kilt or if Josh owns it. He also wanted to know if Josh would be featuring his kilt on GMA. “Yes,” Josh said. “One day soon.” He didn’t sound sincere though, so don’t count on it.

GMA: Raccoon Trapeze Act?

A raccoon traveled across a street by walking on a wire and holding a wire above his head and carefully walking across. The video of the raccoon has already been viewed by 42,000 people online.


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