GMA: James Gandolfini Dies At 51 & Patrick Dempsey 24 Hours Of Le Mans


GMA: James Gandolfini Dies At 51

James Gandolfini, the actor best known for his depiction of Tony Soprano from HBO’s The Sopranos, died of cardiac arrest yesterday in Italy. Larry Hackett, managing editor for People Magazine, said that Gandolfini’s death has been quite different from other celebrity deaths because he never developed an ego as a result of his sudden fame.

Good Morning America: Patrick Dempsey Racing In 24 Hours Of Le Mans

GMA: James Gandolfini Dies At 51 & Patrick Dempsey 24 Hours Of Lemans

Actor James Gandolfini passed away at 51 of cardiac arrest while in Italy. (DFree /


Patrick Dempsey will be racing a Porsche 911 GT3 at the 24 Hours Of Le Mans racing event. Dempsey’s team of two other drivers will be the only American team in the event taking place this weekend. This should come as no surprise given that Patrick Dempsey is very passionate about driving.

GMA: Miley Cyrus Performing On GMA Next Wednesday

Miley Cyrus will be performing on Good Morning next Wednesday, June 26, after performing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show the night before. Perhaps Miley will be performing “We Can’t Stop,” which recently got the music video treatment.

Good Morning America: Watermelon Flavored Oreos?

The classic Oreo cookie is getting a pretty strange twist in the spirit of the summer season with a watermelon flavored Oreo. Watermelon-flavored creme is spread between two golden cookies, and they will be on store shelves soon.


GMA: You Don’t Lose Fertility After 35

Jean Twenge, author of “How Long Can You Wait To Have A Baby,” which was published in The Atlantic, has a different perspective on the idea that waiting to have a baby until after you’re 35 is bad. Quite the opposite, in fact, in that Jean insists that the period between 35 and 40 is more fertile than women might think. Given that Jean had her third baby at 40, it looks like she might be correct.

Jean Twenge said that many of the studies that suggested women are in danger of being nearly infertile by age 40 are out of date. In a group of 38- and 39-year-olds, a recent study found that 80 percent of them got pregnant naturally within six months. Twenge said that women in their thirties should feel empowered instead of frightened.

Dr. James Grifo of the NYU Fertility Center said that the only groups that really have to worry about infertility are those over the age of 40 who, every two years henceforth, see their fertility cut in half.

Rose Pondel, an 8-months-pregnant 33-year-old, disagrees with Jean Twenge’s claims and doesn’t see how waiting longer could be a good thing.


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