GMA: Jacob Gutierrez Survives 45 Foot Fall From Ski Lift + Video

GMA: Jodi Arias Break Up Murder

After eight days of seeming like a meek and mild witness, a new, fierce Jodi Arias took the stand for cross examination today. She sported a sharp black suit and smug attitude as she was grilled. The prosecution asked her why she has memory problems when trying to remember killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. She said that when men, like Alexander or the prosecutor, yell at her it scrambles her brain. She smiled at answered the questions cooly.

GMA: Jacob Gutierrez Survives 45 Foot Fall From Ski Lift + Video

Jacob Guttierez, 17, fell 45 feet off a ski lift and survived.

The jury had been getting bored after eight days of extensive details, but when the tennis match-style interrogation began they listened intently. Good Morning America‘s legal analyst Dan Abrams said Arias is an excellent witness but horrible at the facts. Her story makes little to no sense. The best thing Arias could do now is to get the jury to feel sorry for her. She faces the death penalty if convicted.

The funniest part about her story is when she said Alexander broke her finger, leaving it permanently bent. She showed the court multiple times and then the prosecution pulled a photo from months after the beating where her finger was straight. Arias still insisted it was bent.

GMA: 17-Year-Old Falls From Ski Lift

Jacob Gutierrez, 17, survived a 45 foot fall from a ski lift. In this video, Gutierrez was trying to throw a snow ball at his friends while they caught it on tape. He dangled for six minutes before losing his grip and falling four stories. Gutierrez suffered liver damaged, a collapsed lung and a broken skull from falling on a rock.

He said while he dangled he knew he was either going to get seriously hurt or die. His friends believed the worst and were helpless while Gutierrez dangled. He said since the accident he is being much more careful.

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