GMA Homeless Man Returns Engagement Ring & Who Is Pre-Oscar Show Host?


GMA: Olympic Runner Charged With Murder

Good Morning America reported February 14 2013 that Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee Olympic runner, has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend in South Africa. Police say there are no other suspects.

Oscar Pistorius, known around the world as Blade Runner, inspired many people when he was the first-ever double amputee to compete in the Olympics.


GMA Homeless Man Returns Engagement Ring & Who Is Pre-Oscar Show Host?

Good Morning America February 14 2013 revealed the hosts of the Pre-Oscars show. They are Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer, Jess Cagle and Kristen Chenoweth. (Phil Stafford /

GMA: American And U.S. Airways Merger

American Airlines and U.S. Airways have announced an $11 billion merger under the American Airlines name, but keeping U.S Airways’ management. It will be the world’s biggest airline.

Some think it will create higher ticket prices, but others are saying the merger will create more competition for Delta and United.


GMA: Morning-After Pill More Popular Than Ever

Researchers say the morning-after pill is being used now more than ever. 11 percent of women now say they’ve used Plan B emergency contraception up from the four percent just a decade ago. Researchers say it’s because the pill is now so much easier to get.

GMA: Homeless Man Returns Engagement Ring

A homeless man in Kansas City realized that a woman who had dropped some money in his change can also accidentally left him her engagement ring. The man could’ve pawned it for thousands, but instead, he waited until he saw her again and returned it to her. She offered him money as a reward, but he refused it, saying that doing the right thing was the reward.

GMA: Who Is Going To Be Hosting the Pre-Oscar Show?

George Stephanopoulos announced the Pre-Oscar show hosts on Good Morning America February 14 2013. They are Lara Spencer, Robin Roberts, Jess Cagle and Kristen Chenoweth. Robin Roberts, who has been out on medical leave, really wanted to get better to be able to host the Pre-Oscars show and she’s really excited to host it.

“Robin, we have a date,” Lara Spencer said.

GMA: Most Romantic Movie Lines Ever

Lara Spencer had the other anchors of Good Morning America guess some famous romantic movie lines. The first she read was, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

All of the anchors said they knew answer, but they all blanked. Do you know? The answer was Love Story.

Next up was, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird,” which was from The Notebook. Then, Lara did a very weird southern accent that reminded me of the Rich Texan from The Simpsons and read the line, “You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how.”

The guesses here were Steel Magnolias and The Three Stooges. It turned out the movie was Gone With The Wind and that accent was Lara Spencer’s attempt at a Rhett Butler impression. Sam Champion criticized Lara Spencer’s impression of Rhett Butler and did his own. His version was even worse, but it was hilarious, because he was so certain of it. He said that you have to stick your lips out and make a certain expression when you do Rhett Butler. Upon doing it, Lara Spencer asked him if he was all right.


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