GMA: Gun Control Debate In Washington & Jennifer Lawrence Neck Brace


GMA: Gun Fight In Washington

Good Morning America reported April 11 2013 that there’s a showdown vote in Washington, D.C. this morning over gun control. Victims of gun violence, including families of the Newtown school shooting victims, met with lawmakers Wednesday April 9 2013. The new law would require background checks for all gun sales, closing the so-called “gun show” gap.

GMA: South Korea Prepares For a North Korean Missile Test

GMA: Gun Control Debate In Washington & Jennifer Lawrence Neck Brace

Jennifer Lawrence was photographed recently wearing a neck brace for a role. (DFree /


South Korea is moving more military strength into place as the country prepares for a missile test by North Korea. The Pentagon sent a high-tech radar to the country to track the missile’s launch.

GMA: Mother and Son Carjacked In Detroit

A woman and son were carjacked in Detroit and the whole thing was caught on video. The woman and her son had been shopping for balloons. The woman was putting her son in the backseat when the carjacker got in the front seat. The woman had just enough time to pull her son back out before the carjacker’s accomplice got into the passenger seat and the two drove off.

GMA: Woman Narrowly Avoids Tragedy

A woman in Miami narrowly avoided tragedy after a piece of heavy equipment fell from an overpass onto her car. The woman had just enough time to make a split-second decision and get into the passenger seat before the equipment crashed into the driver’s seat. If she hadn’t done this, she would have died.


GMA: Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Switch Roles

Jennifer Garner put her career on hold while Ben Affleck made Argo. Now, it’s Ben Affleck’s turn to step back and watch the kids while Jennifer Garner takes the spotlight and stars in a few new movies, one of which costars Matthew McConaughey, which made Lara Spencer very excited. Her love for Matthew McConaughey is legendary.

GMA: Jennifer Lawrence Neck Brace?

Jennifer Lawrence was photographed wearing a neck brace, but it turns out it’s a part of her character’s costume in David O. Russell’s new film about a 70s sting operation. Lara Spencer pointed out that Jennifer Lawrence’s hair style, jewelry and glasses in the photo looked very much like the 1970s look. “I feel like she’s going to call me home for dinner,” Josh Elliott said. The movie also stars Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Christian Bale and Robert De Niro. So basically, this movie is going to be awesome.


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