GMA: Grey Poupon Commercial & Robin Roberts Clinical Trials & Doctors


GMA: New Grey Poupon Commercial

It’s been 16 years since Grey Poupon mustard had their last famous commercial. If you’ve never been asked by someone in a limo if you have any Grey Poupon, you simply haven’t lived. The mustard company is now rereleasing the commercial that was so successful for them. They put $1.7 million into the latest ad and want it to go viral.

If you look at the world like Grey Poupon, then British people sitting in the back of fancy cars and eating hot dogs have impeccable taste. Good Morning America decided to test this theory and sent a correspondent out to see if anyone would remember the ad. He rode in the back of a Rolls Royce and asked drivers, “Do you have any Grey Poupon?”


It was a 50/50 for those who remembered the ad.

GMA: Grey Poupon Commercial & Robin Roberts Clinical Trials & Doctors

Robin is getting back into fighting shape with the help of her doctors and yoga instructors. (Debby Wong /

GMA: ESPN Welcomes Back Robin

Robin got her start in sports reporting for ESPN. The men of ESPN welcomed her back this morning and told her to remember where she comes from. They unanimously voted her the First Lady of ESPN.


GMA: #TeamRobin

So much went into getting Robin Roberts better and back on television. From her doctors and medicine to daily yoga sessions to the staff at GMA, everyone is #TeamRobin.

It started with the workplace. The staff and crew got voluntary flu shots and cleaned the building top to bottom. Robin did a dry run with stage lights, cameras and lots of people in January. Her doctor then assessed how it went and the toll it took on her body. Robin said she could be fearful or fearless. She chose fearless.

GMA: Robin Roberts Doctors & Nurses

The people that cared for Robin the past year came to celebrate her return. Her doctors were on the show this morning to talk about her physical state and what they need to watch for going forward.

It was a collaborative effort to get Robin back. She was looking good and feeling well, so her doctors decided to keep moving forward. They want her to take this slow, but with an interview with Michelle Obama and the Oscars this weekend they will have to rein her in. Her doctor told her that they don’t care who she is interviewing, if she doesn’t feel well she can’t do it.

Today’s show is a dress rehearsal for Robin. Tomorrow she will sit down with doctors and assess how it went and how she is feeling. They said it is common to feel great going in and then be down the next day because of the the adrenaline. They will decide how many times a week she is starting with and how fast or slow she can go.

GMA: Robin Roberts Clinical Trials

Robin was in good health before the surgery, helping her speedy recovery. She took part in clinical trials not only to benefit herself but to help those in the future. She wanted to help be a part of the new standards of care doctors are using. Robin will go back to the doctors in a couple of weeks for more testing.

In time, she will have fewer to no medicine, blood tests and procedures. It won’t be long before she’s back at 100%. She thanked the doctors and nurses and the whole studio gave them a well-deserved standing ovation.


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