GMA: Gordon Ramsay Class Action Lawsuit & Britney Spears Trainer


Good Morning America: New York City’s False Handbag Bill

Women the world over are known to purchase lookalikes of their favorite designer handbags, from Coach to Burberry, and these phony fashionistas are the target of a proposed bill in New York that will make it illegal to knowingly purchase a knockoff handbag. They could face up to a year of jail time and fines upwards of $1,000.

Fake handbags currently cost the economy around $250 billion every year and 750,000 jobs, and New York City councilwoman Margaret Chin thinks that this law will act as a strong enough deterrent in reversing some of the damage done by these handbags. Valerie Salembier, president and CEO of Authentics Foundation, said that, if the fake-handbag industry were an actual industry, it would be an enterprise twice the size of Walmart.


GMA: Gordon Ramsay Class Action Lawsuit

GMA: Gordon Ramsay Class-Action Lawsuit & Britney Spears Trainer

Gordon Ramsay’s The Fat Cow is reportedly mistreating its employees, according to a recent class-action lawsuit. (s_bukley /

Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself screaming his head off at potential cooks and restaurant owners, and it looks like it is coming back to bite him. Former employees of his latest Los Angeles eatery, The Fat Cow, have filed a class-action lawsuit against Gordon Ramsay’s empire, claiming such things as being forced to work grueling eight-hour shifts without any breaks, not being paid the minimum wage, and seeing their tips mysteriously disappear. One time, there were even hand-written paychecks given to employees.

Gordon Ramsay’s spokesperson has responded, saying that they were aware of poor conditions under previous management, which has since been changed, but that the claims made in the lawsuit are totally unacceptable if there are any truth to them. The employees don’t blame Gordon Ramsay personally, but did think that if he was going to put his name on something, should be more present in day-to-day operations.


Good Morning America: Britney Spears’ Personal Trainer

Britney Spears has a new single out, “Ooh La La,” and that title may just be an ode to her rockin’ new bod, something that can be credited to her celebrity trainer, Tony Martinez. whose clients include other celebrities such as Pink and Janet Jackson. Tony Martinez revealed some of his training secrets, saying that he uses a lot of compound movements that incorporate two exercises into one, to give his clients great workouts.

GMA: New York Lunch-Hour Dance Party

A one-hour party designed to liven up your 9 to 5 gives attendees a lunch and drink ticket and gives them the order to boogie down for an hour. Hosted by DJ Questlove, these power lunches help energize attendees by giving them a place to dance and network. The trend may be going nationwide, depending on how this performs in New York.


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