GMA: Gisele Bundchen No Photoshop & Duck Dynasty Father’s Day Cards


Fast & Furious 6 Breaks Memorial Day Record, Grosses $96.8 Million

Surprise, surprise! Over a rainy Memorial Day weekend, Fast & Furious 6 broke records and became the highest grossing film opening for the holiday weekend. The film starring Ludacris and Vin Diesel grossed $96.8 million. Just hanging on behind it was The Hangover 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Experts believe this could be the biggest movie summer in history. Still grossing in the box office we have The Great Gatsby, Iron Man 3 and later this summer Man of Steel will be the must-see film.


Amanda Seyfried or Jessica Chastain as Hillary Rodham Clinton in Biopic

GMA: Gisele Bundchen No Photoshop & Duck Dynasty Father's Day Cards

Gisele Bundchen did a photo shoot without makeup or photoshop to highlight her imperfections. The guys of Duck Dynasty created a line of Father’s Day cards. (Helga Esteb /

Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johanson are the short list of A-Listers that the director of Rodham is considering to play Hillary Rodham Clinton. The film will focus on Hillary’s time as a lawyer on Capital Hill during Watergate.

The Good Morning America team was split. George Stephanopolous said Scarlett Johanson, and I agree on that. Lara Spencer and Josh Elliot voted for Jessica Chastain. In terms of who looks more like Hillary, Amanda Seyfriend or Scarlett Johanson would be good picks.


Duck Dynasty Father’s Day Card Available at Walmart & Hallmark Stores

Make your dad happy, happy, happy this Father’s Day and get him a card featuring his favorite reality television show, Duck Dynasty. The fellas in camo have teamed up with Hallmark to release a special set of Father’s Day cards featuring Uncle Si, Willie & Phil Robertson.

As Uncle Si would say, “Play Hard. Work Hard. Nap Hard.” Your dad deserves the best, and that includes a card with creepy bearded men on the front.

Gisele Bundchen Reveals Flaws in Natural Photo Shoot

“Our imperfections are what make us unique,” Gisele Bundchen said. The supermodel is taking it all off, and we’re taking about makeup, to show women that she has flaws too. If you can spot the imperfections, then you are one in a million.

“Easy for her to say,” Lara Spencer and all of Good Morning America echoes.

Robin Roberts was kind and said that Gisele Bundchen probably has things she doesn’t like about herself. Gisele is pretty perfect and I’m sure she know it. The woman wore white skinny pants two months after giving birth. Good for you, Gisele, but I don’t see any imperfections.


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