GMA Footage From Robin Roberts’ First Day & Do Men Or Women Talk More?


GMA: Footage From Robin’s First Day Back

Robin Roberts returned to GMA February 20 2013 and on February 21 they had a reel of behind the scenes footage of her first day. The footage showed Josh Elliot giving Robin Roberts a gift and Lara Spencer asking her what she’s wearing on the air while jumping up and down.

George Stephanopoulos said that he was impressed by how professional Robin Roberts was, because when he takes a week or a day off, the first few minutes are always rusty. But Robin jumped right in as though she hadn’t been gone for so long. There will be a special 20/20 February 21 2013 at 10 on ABC about Robin’s journey.


GMA Footage From Robin Roberts' First Day & Do Men Or Women Talk More?

On GMA February 21 2013, they showed footage from Robin’s first day back. (Debby Wong /

GMA: Do Women Talk More Than Men?

GMA investigated a new study that says women talk more than men. A random two minute clip of Kelly and Michael showed that Kelly talked 43 percent more than Michael. Women talk 20,000 words per day, while men only speak 7,000 words. GMA showed clips of When Harry Met Sally and Girls juxtaposed with The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Is comparing Clint Eastwood to Meg Ryan really fair?

Scientists at the University of Maryland say that women may have more of FOXP2, a protein essential for speech. GMA went to a salon and a barber shop. Vic Barone at the barber shop said that no one talks about feelings there, unless they feel like talking about sports. Interestingly, the story was delivered by a male correspondent and everyone interviewed was a man.


GMA: Deals & Steals

GMA brought us some deals and steals on the show February 21 2013. These deals and steals are all available at the GMA website.

First up was a set from Proctor & Gamble, including Crest 3D white strips and Herbal Essences. The price was slashed in half for the set, costing only $46.50, plus free shipping. Then there was the FDA-approved Silken Permanent Hair Removal. In four treatments, you begin to see results. Normally, this is $663, but now it’s only $249.

GMA also had Maidenform Bodywear, which offers a variety of clothing options, all of which are 50 percent off. Then there was the Orly nail set, down to $67.


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