GMA Food Protein Enterocolitis Syndrome & Meredith Phillips Alcoholism


The Bachelorette’s Meredith Phillips Battle With Alcoholism

GMA Food Protein Enterocolitis Syndrome & Meredith Phillips Alcoholism

Former Bachelorette Meredith Phillips opened up to Good Morning America about her battle with alcoholism and how The Bachelor made it worse.

You may remember Meredith Phillips from Bachelor Bob’s season of The Bachelor. She came in third place and then became the second ever Bachelorette. She thought she found love, but behind the scenes her heart and mind were full of something else.


Phillips was drinking around 20 bottles of wine a week, which then evolved into boxes of wine that were easier to hide. She was an alcoholic and her addiction was out of control. On the reality dating competition, drinking is a huge part of the festivities. The ladies are constantly toasting with their single man or sipping cocktails poolside while plotting their attacks.

Meredith Phillips Marries High School Sweetheart & Goes Into Rehab

Meredith Phillips said that things went spiraling down hill when her engagement was broken off and her parents died, all in the span of four years. She said her lows were when she would wake up from a drinking binge and harmed herself when she was inebriated. Phillips said that she went into rehab for two months and has been sober for six. Every day is a struggle to stay clean.

“I’ve had a really hard four years,” Meredith said. “I get my strength from my weakness.”


Phillips recently married her high school sweetheart and is working on remodeling her Portland, Oregon home. She is also delving back into the world of modeling.

Six-Year-Old Boy Allergic to All Foods

Tyler is like a lot of six year olds, but one thing sets his picky eating apart. He can only eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Tyler is allergic to everyday foods—chicken, turkey, rice,  sweet potatoes and bananas, just to name a few. His parents first noticed the allergies when Tyler was a baby and was found to be allergic to his mother’s breast milk. He could only have baby formula for the first four years of his life.

What Is Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome?

Jessica Trovato said her son was vomiting and lethargic when he would eat baby foods. They took him to the hospital for multiple allergy tests, which all came back negative. They eventually found Dr Anna Nowak-Wergrzyn, a pediatric allergist-immunologist. She found that Tyler had FPIES, food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome.

This illness means that his body can’t break down foods and his stomach rejects it. Tyler went through testing, where he ingested all sorts of foods to see if his body would reject them. Today, Tyler can enjoy apples, macaroni and cheese and pizza.

Luckily for Tyler, his allergies will go away as he gets older. He will eventually be able to enjoy any food he likes.


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