GMA Emeril Lagasse Mother’s Day: Bone Marrow Donor Saves Young Girl


GMA & Emeril Lagasse’s Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed

Emeril Lagasse is chilling out in Sanford, Florida this morning. He went to surprise Nicole Moore with a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.

When he came to the door, Nicole was in shock. She didn’t jump up and down or scream, she was reserved and smiling and led the strange man and camera crews into her home. Robin Roberts had a special message for Nicole.


GMA Emeril Lagasse Mother's Day: Bone Marrow Donor Saves Young Girl

Emeril Lagasse and GMA surprised Nicole Moore with breakfast in bed. Her daughter was saved by an anonymous bone marrow donor in 2011.

Mother Goes Above & Beyond For Her Daughter

Nicole’s life was going great in 2011. She was married to her high school sweetheart, Lee Moore, and had one beautiful daughter, Lauren. The family was expecting another baby, but in a sudden twist their lives fell apart. Lauren took ill in summer 2011 and was diagnosed with leukemia. The news was so shocking that Nicole went into early labor. She was taken to the hospital across the street from the children’s hospital where Lauren was being treated.

Nicole’s family described her as the strongest and most dedicated mom. She never left Lauren’s side and researched her illness into the early hours of the morning. At the same time, she was taking care of her newborn son, Tommy. Chemo was not working and her only option was a bone marrow transplant. It was this or nothing, the family said.


Be The Match: Anonymous Bone Marrow Donation Saves Lauren’s Life

A miracle came to them when an anonymous donor in the bone marrow registry was a perfect match for Lauren. Eight months after her earth-shattering diagnosis, Lauren received her transplant. Today, Lauren is healthy and has her bouncy red hair back. Her sister-in-law said that last year all Nicole wanted was for Lauren to have a third birthday. Now, she gets to think about college and marriage and grandkids, all the things you should get to think about with your kids.

Mother-in-Law Nominates Nicole For Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed

In honor of Lauren’s love, bravery and sacrifice for her children, GMA chose her to be the Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed winner. Her mother-in-law, Sally, nominated Lauren for the honor.

“120 words and a picture and ABC heard our story,” Sally said. “We have made our mess our message.”

Not a dry eye was had as friends, family, nurses and the characters from Disney all greeted Lauren and her family. Nicole said that Lauren is healthy, happy and starting pre-kindergarten in the fall.

Nicole Meets Anonymous Bone Marrow Donor

The most special surprise of all, Nicole and her family got to meet the perfect stranger that was a match for Lauren. This woman, Kristen, saved her life and gave Nicole the miracle she was hoping for. Kristen is a young mother herself and she completely understood the gift. Tears flowed as Lauren, Nicole and Kristen embraced. Lauren went into Kristen’s arms and you could feel their connection. She was so at ease in her arms.

To ice the cake, Thomas English Muffins gave Nicole’s family $5,000 and breakfast for an entire year. Disney is opening Magic Kingdom for both Nicole and Kristen’s families to go and enjoy the holiday.


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