GMA: Elf on the Shelf Gets a Name & Holiday For Bo the White House Dog

Good Morning America: Elf on the Shelf Gets a Name

The Good Morning America Elf on the Shelf finally has a name: Gary. According to the Elf on the Shelf legend, you are supposed to name the elf a few days after getting him. When the elf has a name he is not to be moved from his spot on the shelf, or anywhere in the house he placed. Legend says every night the elf will travel back to the North Pole where he will tell Santa who is being naughty and who is being nice.

Again, I am glad there are no elves on any shelves in my house. That little guy creeps me out.

GMA: Elf on the Shelf Gets a Name & Holiday For Bo the White House Dog

Good Morning America named their Elf on the Shelf and Bo the White House dog got into the holiday spirit. (lev radin /

GMA: Bo the White House Dog in the Holiday Spirit

The Obamas are getting into the holiday spirit this year and their dog is the main focus. Bo was the main attraction at the White House when the holiday decorations were revealed to visitors. They went overboard on some of these decorations.

At the Presidential home, you can find a massive ginger bread house replica of the White House, complete with a Bo ginger bread dog sitting on the lawn. The Obamas also have a gigantic Christmas tree decked out in lights, as well as a life-sized replica of Bo in one the many rooms of the White House.

Good Morning America: Four Lion Cubs Born

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington got an early Christmas present this year. One of their lioness’ gave birth to four lion cubs a few weeks ago. The birth is extra sweet for the zoo because lion litters usually only produce two cubs, but this litter has two girls and two boys.

GMA Pop Quiz

Good Morning America asked how much a large diamond they had the show would be worth. It even came with its own security guard and dwarfed every other ring on Lara Spencer’s hand.

The diamond is expected to sell for four to five million at Sotheby’s this week.

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