GMA: Dominos Online Pizza Camera & Giant Rubber Duckie In Hong Kong


GMA: Wildfire Rages In California

GMA reported May 3 2013 that the wildfire that is raging out of control in southern California continues to burn today, after already consuming more than 8,000 acres and 12 square miles. Thousands of homes are threatened and many have already been evacuated, as firefighters strive to put out the flames.

Bombing Suspect Says Boston Marathon Not Original Target

GMA: Dominos Online Pizza Camera & Giant Rubber Duckie In Hong Kong

Is a giant 54 foot tall rubber duckie really cute or just terrifying?


The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings told investigators that the marathon was not the original target. He said that he and his brother were planning to attack a July 4 celebration, but they finished making their bombs early.

Dominos Tries an Online Pizza Camera

Dominos is trying something new: an online camera that allows you to see your pizza being made before your eyes. The pizza company already has the awesome tracker feature on their website, which allows you to know exactly when the pizza was put in the oven or taken out for delivery. But the new feature is being tested in Utah and if it’s a hit, then it’s going national. Sam Champion said he is very excited for the new feature.

Sam Champion Gets Telly Award For Sea Rescue 

Sam Champion was given a Telly Award for his work on Sea Rescue. Lara Spencer said she understood that he wore a wet suit instead of a black tie for his acceptance speech. Lara Spencer presented him with an award from GMA called the Whale Of a Win trophy. Sam Champion seemed genuinely shocked by the award and almost speechless.


“I don’t know what to say, except, where’s the camera?” Sam Champion said before immediately staring into the camera and telling us we should watch Sea Rescue.

Giant Rubber Duckie Sculpture In Hong Kong

A Dutch artist made a giant rubber duckie statue that is now floating in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. It’s 54 feet long and inflatable. “Of course it’s from the Dutch. Everything great comes from the Dutch. Remember that big knit man-pillow?” Lara Spencer said. I don’t remember this man-pillow, but Lara Spencer was pretty excited about it. The artist said he created the duckie because it reminds people of childhood and brings a smile to their face in a very stressful world. The duckie is coming to cities around the world, but the artist won’t say where or when. “Sam’s going to try to rescue it,” Josh Elliott said. Lara Spencer said if he did, they’ll give him another award.

Mr. Rogers Biopic

Mr. Rogers will be getting his own biopic. Lara Spencer said the producers wanted to make the film because Mr Rogers’ ability to “find the good in anyone will make a truly cinematic experience.”


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