GMA: Do You Need A Bra? Breast Muscle Tissue & Natural Support


By Eli Didier

Good Morning America: Do You Need A Bra?

The men sitting around the table in the Good Morning America studio looked visibly uncomfortable. They joked about changing the subject. They shuffled their papers, nervously. What could have possibly flustered them so much?


GMA: Do You Need A Bra Or Not? Breast Muscle Tissue & Natural Support

A French study finds that women who don’t wear bras might actually be healthier than women who do.

A new study from France claims that bras are a “false necessity.” The study reports that women’s breast may, in fact, get “saggier” because of bras. I didn’t realize that “saggy” was a technical term.

GMA: Breast Muscle Tissue & Natural Support

In an interview with one of the doctors heading up this study, his claim was that bras provide no benefit to women and may actually harm them over time. The study argued that breasts tend to lose their buoyancy when you wear a bra and that not wearing one will cause breasts to become “perkier.”


The study found that women who did not use bras benefitted in the long term, developing more muscle tissue to provide natural support. I think that’s good news for all of us.

Good Morning America: Linda Becker Lingerie Shop

We followed a GMA camera inside the store of Linda Becker, a woman who owns a women’s underwear and lingerie shop. Bras of every shape and color dangle from the shelves.

She happily showed the viewers some of her best-selling merchandise, which includes an exotic looking bra complete with all the frills one might expect to see on an anniversary night.

She disagreed with the study’s findings, saying, “Gravity pulls everything down. A bra isn’t going to do that.” While I agree that Linda’s logic is pretty sound, it certainly isn’t as much fun.

GMA: Bra Or No Bra?

Good Morning America decided to conclude this segment by asking what the average woman thought of the study and whether it would influence their decision to wear a bra or not.

There seemed to be a general sense of skepticism among all of the women being interviewed on the show. Most indicated that the study would not have any influence on their decision to wear a bra.

While the study itself does seem a little strange and somewhat comical, what was even more comical was watching the male correspondents for Good Morning America squirm every time one of the women said the word “breasts” or “bra.”


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