GMA: Demi Lovato Surprises Superfans & “Give Your Heart a Break” Song


GMA: Demi Lovato Superfan Surprise

Demi Lovato surprised some superfans on Good Morning America April 10 2013 the same way that John Cena did this week. The superfans had no idea she would be coming by. Josh Elliott apparently told them they were going to film a dance and sing-a-long to show Demi Lovato at some point. While they were singing, Demi Lovato came up behind them and started singing along. Only one of the girls noticed and Josh Elliott had to point out to them what was happening. Demi Lovato gave all of the girls a hug as they freaked out.

GMA: Demi Lovato Surprises Superfans & "Give Your Heart a Break" Song

Demi Lovato came by GMA April 10 2013 to talk about her new album, surprise superfans and perform her songs “Heart Attack” and “Give Your Heart a Break.” (s_bukley /


Demi Lovato: Managing a Busy Schedule

Demi Lovato has had a good year. The first single off her new album went gold in just four weeks and debuted at #1 on the iTunes chart in 19 countries. She said that the reason why is because she has the most incredible fans. When she said this, the entire studio went nuts as all the girls in the studio were screaming.

Demi Lovato co-wrote almost all of the songs on her new album and she’s also a judge on The X-Factor. She said she manages it all by scheduling days off and having great people around that will tell her to chill once in a while. She also said she does a lot of meditation. She also works out and talks a lot to the people around her.

GMA: Demi Lovato “Heart Attack” Performance

Demi Lovato’s performance of her smash hit “Heart Attack” was wonderful. Mere seconds after politely talking to Lara Spencer about meditation and taking breaks, she performed this song with such poise and power that it was shocking. All of the audience went crazy. Her vocals were pitch-perfect. She owned the stage like a seasoned performer, playing with the microphone stand and walking back and forth around the stage.


Maybe this is the woman that young girls should be looking up to. Forget what I said about Bella and Katniss earlier. Demi Lovato is strong, smart and powerful. Plus, she took the stage with a cool leather vest over Beetlejuice-like striped sleeves. And she pulled it off. If you can pull off a look that reminds people of Beetlejuice, you can probably pull off anything.

GMA: Demi Lovato “Give Your Heart a Break” Song

Give Your Heart a Break” has a cool, almost “Bittersweet Symphony” vibe to it at the beginning. It feels big and epic, like it should play right at the end of a romantic comedy, when the leads finally have their big kiss at an airport or drive off into the sunset together. Or maybe it should be played over a montage where someone is getting their life together after spending the first hour of the movie being a slacker.

Demi Lovato continued to work the weird Beetle Juice sleeves and for the first time, I noticed that she also had a spiky bracelet on her wrist and the shirt underneath the vest read “Los Angeles” in cool street graffiti-like writing. It takes guts to wear a shirt that says “Los Angeles” in New York City. When she finished performing, she put the microphone down at her side and grinned at the audience in a very endearing way.


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