GMA: Cory Monteith Mother Speaks Out & Weight Loss Couple


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One couple lost a combined weight of 280 pounds. Find out how they got the motivation they needed. Plus, Cory Monteith’s mother Ann McGregor speaks out about the tragic loss of her son on Good Morning America.

GMA: Weight Loss Couple

GMA: Cory Monteith Mother Speaks Out & Weight Loss Couple

Cory Monteith’s mother Ann McGregor spoke out recently about the death of her talented son. (Helga Esteb /


In the spring of 2012, Jessica and Robert Foster were a couple struggling with obesity. Jessica Foster said, “Food was my comfort.” Robert Foster said, “I kind of played the fat guy part.” The couple decided to take matters into their own hands.

Jessica Foster started taking Zumba classes, and she encouraged Robert Foster to start running. The couple refused to give up. They changed their diets, and eventually became vegan. They wanted to be healthy role models for their four young daughters. Now, two years later, they’ve lost a combined weight of 280 pounds, and look absolutely amazing.

Robert Foster said you have to start out with the right goals. He said to not set them too high, and to not make them too short term.


Jessica and Robert Foster didn’t buy gym memberships. They advised finding fun ways to exercise so you don’t get bored.

Good Morning America: Cory Monteith’s Mother Ann McGregor

Ann McGregor said that she has just recently began to accept the death of her son, Glee star Cory Monteith. Ann McGregor said, “The loss is horrendous. Until three days ago, I couldn’t look at a picture of Cory, so there’s been progress.”

Ann McGregor said she keeps in touch with Lea Michele, and that they sometimes text and email each other. She said that Lea Michele is hurting too.

The last time Ann McGregor saw Cory Monteith was two days before his death, and he was about to sign a lease on a new place in Vancouver. Ann McGregor believes that Cory Monteith was easing himself out of Hollywood life.

GMA: Cory Monteith Overdose Death

Ann McGregor released pictures and home videos of Cory Monteith as a child, and said, “Cory had that mischievous side to him all the time.”

According to Ann McGregor, Cory Monteith started getting into trouble when he was 15 years old, when he had a code blue. Ann McGregor said that the first time Cory Monteith overdosed, she looked him in the eyes the entire ride to the hospital, because she knew in that moment that she wasn’t going to have him for her entire life.

Ann McGregor said she doesn’t think parents have the power to change their child’s decisions, so she insisted that parents cherish the time they have with their children. Ann McGregor also said that she does not blame Hollywood for Cory Moneith’s death.


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