GMA: Comfort Dogs K-9 Ministry Helps Boston & Sandy Hook Calm Down


GMA: K-9 Ministry Comfort Dogs Help Out Sandy Hook Elementary

In the midst of tragedy, these little furry fellows offer a wagging and a fluffy back to lean on. Lara Spencer presented the Comfort Dogs, golden retrievers that just want to help you feel better.

GMA: Comfort Dogs K-9 Ministry Helps Boston & Sandy Hook Calm Down

The Lutheran Church Charities’ Comfort Dogs K-9 ministry has been traveling the country to help people calm down and feel better after tragedy.


Studies show that petting a calm dog will lower your blood pressure and calm you down in turn. That’s why the Comfort Dogs are so important. College campuses will bring in puppies from local animal shelters during finals week for destress events.

When the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut left the townspeople reeling, Comfort Dogs came to the rescue. 10 fluffy friends congregated in the center of town just to be pet and to love on the mourning families and children.

“This is one of the best things,” a community member said. “They’re innocent like the kids.”


The Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs Head To Boston

The dogs wear blue vests that proudly say, “I’m friendly. Please pet me.” The Lutheran Church Charities have 60 dogs that travel and do stints at places that need their support. There is currently a lovable dog named Maggie serving at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown.

The dogs are heading to Boston to calm and comfort the community. Just watching them is comfort enough.

Hertz Donates Van To Comfort Dog Ministry

To thank the dogs and their handlers for the amazing work that they do, GMA gave the dogs a spa day. Doggie toys, jerky and a “rufflaxation” area were a wonderful surprise. New York Dog Spa and Hotel offered grooming services for the pooches. Their handlers all got gift certificates for Bliss Spa.

In addition to all of that wonderfulness, Hertz is giving the K-9 ministry a big van to use as transport for the next year. It’s been hard for them to get around and this will greatly help the dogs get everywhere they need to be.


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