GMA: Clive Davis New Memoir & Clips Of Stars Before They Were Stars


GMA: Clive Davis New Memoir

Music producer Clive Davis has a new memoir out about his legendary career in the industry called The Soundtrack of My Life. Even though some people have contested his accounts in the book, Clive Davis maintains they’re an accurate account. The book recounts his time working with Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Bruce Springsteen. GMA just sat down with Clive Davis February 19 2013, but they sent a correspondent to see him work with a songwriter February 22 2013.

Clive Davis has always pushed a hit song when he felt it was worth it. He talked Bob Dylan into releasing his song “Lay Lady Lay” as a single, even though Bob Dylan thought that it was too racy for the radio. Now, he’s working with songwriter Diane Warren. She said that some people are scared of hurting artists’ feelings, but Clive Davis isn’t. He said that even when he hurts people’s feelings, when “they sell ten million records, they’re not mad anymore.”


GMA: Clive Davis New Memoir & Clips Of Stars Before They Were Stars

Yes, Amy Adams is wonderful and is known for her roles in Enchanted and The Muppets, but did you know she also starred in Psycho Beach Party with Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’s Aunt Zelda and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Xander? True story. (Phil Stafford /

GMA: The Stars Before They Were Stars Movie Clips

Chris Connelly came on GMA February 22 2013 to show some clips of the stars before they were stars. One such clip showed Silver Linings Playbook star and Best Actor nominee Bradley Cooper in his debut role on Sex and the City and then in the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer.

Then there was Best Supporting Actress nominee and Les Miserables star Anne Hatheway in The Other Side of Heaven and Best  Actress Nominee and Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer Lawrence in promotions for My Super Sweet Sixteen. GMA shared a young Tommy Lee Jones, then known as “Tom Lee Jones,” in the 70’s romantic drama Love Story.


GMA: Amy Adams Psycho Beach Party

A young Best Supporting Actress nominee Amy Adams was in the 2000 film Psycho Beach PartyI know that sounds like the worst possible film an Oscar nominee can star in, but the movie also stars Lauren Ambrose, famous for her role in Six Feet Under, or, if you’re of a certain generation, the snarky Denise Fleming in Can’t Hardly Wait who gets stuck in a bathroom with Seth Green’s Kenny Fisher.

Oh, that’s not enough for you to watch a movie called Psycho Beach Party? It also stars Nicholas Brendon, better known as Xander from Buffy the Vampire SlayerBeth Broderick, otherwise known as Aunt Zelda from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Kate Austen’s mother Diane Jensen on Lost. Still not enough? It has Thomas Gibson, Hotch from Criminal Minds and Matt Keeslar, the guy who played the actor playing Dewey in the Stab 3 movie in Scream 3.

Okay, I’m reaching now for reasons to watch it, but seriously, Psycho Beach Party might be good. Or at least worth a watch.

GMA: Helen Hunt Quarterback Princess & Bionic Woman

Then there was Best Supporting Actress Nominee Helen Hunt in Quarterback Princess. That title alone shows you the kind of film it was. Oh, and then there was her role in Bionic Woman, where she played an alien princess seeking refuge on Earth while her home planet was under attack.

That last clip caused Chris Connelly to exclaim, “I love bionic women!” I rewound the clip back on my DVR three times and it’s pretty certain he said “women” and not “woman.” Maybe he was under the impression that Helen Hunt’s alien character was also part bionic and he was saying he loved both her character and Lindsay Wagner’s title character?

In any case, it was a real treat to see the stars before they were stars in these awesome clips. Now I have to go rent Psycho Beach Party.


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