GMA: Chinese Military Cyber Attacks On US & Fergie Announces Pregnancy


GMA: Oscar Pistorius Charged With Premeditated Murder

The judge in the court case for the double amputee Olympic star arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Oscar Pistorius, said the court case will proceed as a premeditated murder case, GMA reported February 19 2013. Oscar Pistorius said he fired through the bathroom door at his girlfriend, who he thought was an intruder. The bloody bat found at his house was used by him to break down the door. He discovered his girlfriend still alive and tried to revive her.

GMA: Cyber Attacks Traced To Chinese Military

A U.S. security firm said that it’s traced the cyber attacks against the U.S. government agencies and American banks to the headquarters of a Chinese military unit. The cyber attacks have been centered around those in charge of the U.S. power grid and gas and water lines.


GMA: President Obama Urging Financial Compromise

President Obama has returned from his weekend vacation and is urging Republicans to compromise on spending cuts. President Obama said that if the spending cuts go into effect, hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost, including firefighters and emergency management personnel.

GMA: Chinese Military Cyber Attacks On US & Fergie Announces Pregnancy

Hip hop star Fergie and her husband actor Josh Duhamel are having their first child. Fergie was the first to make a joke about having a child, hashtagging the announcement on Twitter with “my lovely lady bump.” (Helga Esteb /

GMA: Daring Mini-Cooper Stunt

In the French alps, a stunt driver in a supped-up mini-cooper accomplished the first-ever back flip in a car. The stunt driver drove up a ramp, did the back flip 40 feet into the air and then landed on the opposite ramp, into the snow.


GMA: Matthew McConaughey JKL Clothing Line

Matthew McConaughey has unveiled a new male clothing line he says will take a man “from the jungle to the opera.” The line is called JKL, after his charity Just Keep Living, which helps kids live healthy, active lives through education.

Lara Spencer pointed out that it’s odd a man who is known for not wearing shirts would make a clothing line with lots of shirts.

GMA: Sting Singing Karaoke In Cafe

Sting stole the show at a Malibu cafe, singing Fine Young Cannibals’ “She Drives Me Crazy.” Can you imagine going to get a bite at a cafe and seeing Sting do an impromptu performance on a karaoke stage? That’d be pretty cool.

GMA: Fergie and Josh Duhamel First Child

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel are having their first child. They superimposed their baby pictures together to find out how their child may look, but unfortunately, the photo wasn’t shown on Good Morning America. In the announcement on Twitter, Fergie hashtagged “my lovely lady bump,” a reference to the Black Eyed Peas song, “My Humps.”

When Lara Spencer mentioned this part of the story, Amy Robach began singing “My Humps.” The camera cut to her and she stopped singing.

“Are you going to sing about your lovely lady…?” Lara Spencer asked her.

“No,” Amy Robach shouted loudly, “Humps? Bumps? No.”

GMA: Chesty the Marine Dog Reports For Duty

In an effort to make things less awkward, Lara Spencer decided to move on to the next story about Chesty the Marine dog. When Spencer said the name of the dog, everyone cracked up and then there was an awkward silence.

Chesty the Marine dog is going through training to become Private First Class Chesty the 14th. Chesty is the Marine mascot and all of the Marine mascots have been named Chesty.


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