GMA: Child Obesity Ads Photoshop Little Girl & Ian Ziering Weight Loss


Controversial Childhood Obesity Advertisements Photoshop Little Girl

A new anti-obesity campaign is getting major backlash from consumers. The ads show children Photoshopped to look obese. The little girl in the California advertisements is a healthy weight, but she has been photo edited to have chubby cheeks, thick fingers, and sucking on a box of sugar.

First5 California, the company behind the ad, wants to start a dialogue about healthy eating. Consumers are questioning why the company would photoshop a child in this way. While photoshopping kids is not OK, neither is telling the truth, apparently. A commercial that ran in Georgia had real kids talking about hypertension and other health problems relating to obesity. Consumers dubbed this ad “mean” and “fat shaming.”


Good Morning America: Childhood Obesity

GMA: Child Obesity Ads Photoshop Little Girl & Ian Ziering Weight Loss

Ian Ziering made a name on 90210, but after losing 30 pounds and donning the Chippendales collar, he’s back on the scene and talking weight loss. (Helga Esteb /

Other ads are getting dissed for their photoshopping as well. A recent Ralph Lauren advertisement featured a stick thin model that was later seen on the runways looking healthy. The photoshop job was so severe, it was an unattainable body type. Another ad from New York about diabetes featured a man with one leg, saying he lost the other leg to his disease. He didn’t really lose the leg to diabetes, it was edited out on a computer.

Nonetheless, the ads have people talking about childhood obesity. Perhaps this could lead to positive ads that don’t shame or warp kids’ perceptions.


Ian Ziering: Weight Loss Helps Marriage & Self Confidence

In the glory days of 90210, Ian Ziering was Steve Sanders and a natural heartthrob. 20 years and 30 pounds later, Zierning got a call to do Cippendales at the Rio Las Vegas. Immediately, images of Chris Farley and Partick Swayze’s Saturday Night Live sketch came to mind. And he wasn’t Swayze. So, Ziering slimmed down and now he’s showing off his svelte abs and chiseled chin.

For the first five days of his new diet, Ian had strictly protein. He then cut out bad fats, like pasta and peanut butter and jelly. He created a vision board of the weight he wanted to be at, 180, and included photos of Chippendales’ guys in their collars and french cuffs.

Good Morning America: Ian Ziering Chippendales

“As the weight came off, the flirty texts began to appear,” Ian Ziering said his wife loves his bod.

As a former Dancing With The Stars contestant, Ziering said the Chippendales dancing is much easier than his rumba days. He had to remember 50 steps at once on DWTS. With the pressure and the pounds off, Ziering is inviting his 90210 castmates out to Las Vegas for a big reunion and to see the show. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


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