GMA: Chaz Bono Weight Loss on Freshology & Madonna Forgets Her Pants


Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Joke on Saturday Night Live

The season finale of Saturday Night Live was not short on laughs. Host Ben Affleck opened the show with his wife, Jennifer Garner, by his side. She was a dutiful and supportive wife all through award season, but when it came to Affleck’s Oscar speech she was a litte blindsided.

Affleck said that he and his wife work at their marriage, which is not a lie. It’s just something you don’t tell the millions watching the Oscars. Jennifer took it all in stride and they decided to poke fun at the moment in Affleck’s opening monologue.


GMA: Chaz Bono Weight Loss on Freshology & Madonna Forgets Her Pants

Chaz Bono lost 65 pounds by using Freshology, a chef prepared meal delivery service. Since Dancing With the Stars, Chaz has slimmed down and started dating. (Helga Esteb /

He told Garner that he wanted a redo on the speech. He said that she was his angel, his world and he couldn’t do anything without her. She called him out on using cue cards and then said that he was a lot of work. Affleck’s excitement seemed to get the best of him on Oscar night, but the couple is open about the amount of work it takes to  be married with three kids.

Chaz Bono Weight Loss: 65 Pounds Lost Since November & Freshology Meals

During his time on Dancing With the Stars, Chaz Bono did not look like a happy camper. He was overweight, lacking energy and in a lot of physical discomfort.


Since November, Chaz has lost 65 pounds on a program called Freshology, a meal delivery service. It’s chef-prepared and all-natural. His blood pressure and cholesterol are all at healthy levels. His slimmed down frame has given Chaz a new confidence and he’s back on the dating scene.

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Back Together, Clean & Sober

What can you expect from a hard rocker like Ozzy Osbourne? After getting back into old habits with drugs and alcohol, Sharon Osbourne was ready to kick him to the curb once and for all. In a rather hush-hush moment, it looked like Ozzy and Sharon were about to be no more.

Over the weekend, the Osbourne family was together and Ozzy was back to performing. Reports say that Osbourne kept looking at his lady love and really gave her credit for helping him clean up his act once more. Ozzy went back to rehab, only adding to the hard medical year that the Osbourne family has experienced.

In the last year, Ozzy and Sharon’s son Jack was diagnosed with MS and their daughter Kelly had a seizure. It’s so good to see the Osbourne family back together and getting healthy again.

Madonna’s Crazy Billboard Music Award Fashion

Madonna may be an iconic pop star and mogul with philanthropic intentions, but someone needs to do some charity work in her closet. The pop singer was at the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend and may have forgotten her pants at home.

Madonna wore a fur and feathered coat belted at the waist, black shade, hair messy and pulled back and stockings with garters. The look was not lacking on accessories, but pants would have made this look a thousand times better.


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