GMA: Can You Get In Shape In 4 Minutes? Norwegian Four-Minute Workout


Good Morning America: Can You Get In Shape With A Four-Minute Workout?

For those that think you have to be at the gym for hours to get in shape, think again. Norwegian scientists have found in studies that four minutes is all you need to get in good aerobic shape, as long as you spend them at 90 percent of cardio capacity. Before you excitedly lace up those dusty tennis shoes, however, you should know this comes with a catch, but I’ll give you the good news first.

The Norwegian study tested two groups, one of which worked out for four minutes three times a week at 90 percent heart-rate capacity, the other which worked did the same thing, except they worked out for four four-minute intervals, totaling 16 minutes of cardio per day. As it turned out, group one had the same improvements in cardio health as the longer exercisers in group two.


GMA: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Four-Minute Workout

A Norwegian study found that four minute workouts can work, but do they really?

GMA: Disadvantages Of A Four-Minute Workout

The four-minute workout doesn’t come without a catch, though. Since the workout is only cardio, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak warns that you really need resistance training in tandem with this to improve bone density, increase hormones to raise your resting metabolism, and for your posture. Also, the study showed that these snappy four-minute workouts won’t give you the greatest weight-loss results because your heart rate is far too high and you are engaged for far too short a time to hit the metabolic fat-burning phase.

Though these four-minute workouts aren’t the most all-encompassing of fitness activities, their high-intensity nature gives them an allure to at least get people moving and could get more people involved in exercise just because of how doable they are. For people that were never in the gym anyways, something is always better than nothing, so maybe this new study will create some new fitness enthusiasts out there.



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