GMA: Camden Sophisticated Sisters Beyonce Dance & Aqua Spin Review


GMA: Aqua Spin Takes Biking Underwater

Spinning, or riding a stationary bike, is usually a low impact workout. You just bike in place, what’s so crazy about that? Thanks to workout crazes like Soul Cycle, biking has become the trendy workout. Taking spinning to a new level, Aqua Spin combines the biking craze with water.

Esther Gauthier founded Aqua Spin in New York City. She said that the workout p


GMA: Camden Sophisticated Sisters Beyonce Dance & Aqua Spin Review

The Camden Sophisticated Sisters performed and were surprised by Beyonce. Their founder, Tawanda Jones, got a special surprise from GMA.

rotects your muscles and joints and gives you a full body workout. The classes are $40 each and you get a pair of water shoes when you come in. All of the pedaling is done on hydro riders, so you can’t just throw your stationary bike in the backyard pool.

The best part: you can’t tell how much you are sweating.


“You’re Not Dreaming” Week

It’s “You’re Not Dreaming” week on Good Morning America. Every day we get to meet another person or organization that is doing something incredible. Then, GMA surprises them with an out of this world gesture.

Tawanda Jones: Camden Sophisticated Sisters

20 years ago, Tawanda Jones’ high school lost funding for their drill team. She decided to found the Camden Sophisticated Sisters to give the girls in her community an outlet for after school activities and fulfill a need for structure.

The Camden Sophisticated Sisters are all about education. The girls have a 100 percent graduation rate in a community where only 50 percent graduate. The girls said that Tawanda Jones has taught them strength, courage, to never give up and to believe in themselves. The dances are all fun and high energy. The moves are age-appropriate and focus on fun and energy.

Beyonce Meets the Camden Sophisticated Sisters

The big surprise for the girls was that Beyonce had seen their videos on YouTube. She said that the girls inspired her and she was going to send them “love and goodies.”

“They did me proud, they really, really did,” Beyonce said.

GMA also gave the women new, custom sweaters and special backpacks from Bed, Bath & Beyond to help their education and dancing continue.


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