GMA: Bruce Willis “A Good Day To Die Hard” Review & Die Hard Stunts


GMA: Bruce Willis Good Morning America Anchor

Bruce Willis joined the anchors of Good Morning America February 13 2013 as they delivered the breaking and pop news. He was promoting his new movie, A Good Day To Die Hard, the fifth movie in the Die Hard franchise. Josh Elliot opened the 8 a.m. hour by saying, “Yippee Ki-Yay, GMA.” He said he really wanted to say Bruce Willis’ famous catchphrase from the Die Hard franchise as it actually rhymes with the script.

GMA: Bruce Willis "A Good Day To Die Hard" Review & Die Hard Stunts

Bruce Willis stopped by Good Morning America February 13 2013 to talk about his new movie A Good Day To Die Hard and the best stunts of his career. (vipflash /


GMA: Bruce Willis Best Die Hard Stunts

Good Morning America showed Bruce Willis their clips of his most amazing stunts and they wanted to know which one was the most difficult. The clips included the scene in the original Die Hard, where Bruce Willis, swinging from a fire house on the side of a large building, shoots the windows as he swings outward from them, many stories up, before finally crashing through the glass and onto hard concrete.

Bruce Willis said he thought that this one was the hardest. On the first day of filming, when they were shooting it, he asked the director why they filmed it first. The director told him that in case anything happened to him, they would still be able to recast the part.

GMA: Christopher Dorner Shootout

The ex-LAPD officer wanted for murder, Christopher Dorner, is now believed to be dead after a shootout with law enforcement. It’s believed he died in a burned out mountain cabin. Authorities are testing the DNA of the body to be sure. One officer died in the shootout, raising Chris Dorner’s death total to four.


GMA: Pope Benedict Resigning In “Full Liberty”

Pope Benedict XVI said that he was resigning in “full liberty,” putting to rest conspiracy theories that he was being forced out. He wanted them to know that the reason for his departure was his choice, because of his declining health.

GMA: Skier Outruns Avalanche

During a ski race in Switzerland, a skier accidentally caused an avalanche and was forced to outrun it. While outrunning the avalanche, the skier did a back flip. The skier made it to safety unharmed.

Josh Elliot said that Bruce Willis was the only one at the table who could look at that and say, “So what?”


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