GMA: Brian and Melissa Engaged and Married On Live National Television


GMA: Melissa and Brian Engaged On Live Television

A couple, Brian and Melissa, got engaged on Good Morning America February 14 2013 and the catch was that they had to get married in a flash the very same morning.

Josh Elliot talked with Melissa’s maid of honor Stacey minutes before the wedding, who said that Melissa was doing amazing, especially considering how quickly everything happened. She said that she is very happy and excited to get married.


GMA: Brian and Melissa Engaged and Married On Live National Television

After hearing the story of Brian and Melissa and watching them get engaged, I feel like I know these people. Having two people get engaged on live television and then immediately marrying them is just good television.

GMA: Melissa’s Father Talks About Wedding

The father of the bride, Mark, said that he was certain Melissa would say yes and that he didn’t have any qualms about Brian asking her or the two getting married on live, national television.

GMA: Brian & Melissa Get Married

The bride walked out in one of the wedding dresses Terry Hall showed her earlier, the “Princess Bride,” looking stunning, with rhinestones covering the bodice and a fingertip veil falling behind her. Her father walked her down the aisle. Brian and the father shook hands and stood waiting for the captain who was marrying them to speak.


The captain said, “Every experience you’ve ever had, everything you’ve ever done, everything you’ve ever learned has brought you to this moment in time.” He also told them to cherish every moment as a bond to strengthen them. Melissa seemed to be crying as the captain asked her if she would cherish her friendship with Brian and love him forever. The two exchanged rings that the captain had kept in his pocket.

The captain finished with, “Brian, you may kiss your bride for as long as you want.” Josh Elliott congratulated the two, as Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” played. Then, Josh Elliott informed the audience that after the break, there’d be cake and the couple’s first dance. I’m not sure I’d like Josh Elliott standing next me and my bride giving a teaser of what’s to come in a few minutes directly after I got married but hey, it wasn’t my wedding.

GMA: Brian & Melissa Wedding Cake

Brian and Melissa cut the cake together as Brian McKnight’s “Back At One” played. The cake was the third one shown by Buddy Valastro earlier in the broacast. I knew it wasn’t going to be that horrid cheetah print cupcake tower.

Brian fed Melissa the cake as everyone cheered. Sam Champion asked Melissa if she chose a song for their first dance and she said she’d chosen the song that was already playing.

The two started dancing as their family, friends, the Good Morning America anchors, actor Jai Courtney, wedding cake designer Buddy Valastro, fashion expert Terry Hall and all of America watched.


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