GMA: Brad Paisley Hacked, April Fools’ Joke & Easter Bunny Pulled Over


GMA: Brad Paisley April Fools’ Joke

Brad Paisley pretended to have a special announcement on Good Morning America April 1 2013. He said his phone got hacked into and a lot of embarrassing things were taken. But before he would be bullied or blackmailed by the embarrassing things found, he decided to show the photograph he was most scared of being released. When they showed the photo, it was of him as a baby lying naked on a bed.

“As you can see, I was much younger,” he said. “I didn’t know any better and I must’ve needed the money.”


GMA: Brad Paisley Hacked, April Fools' Joke & Easter Bunny Pulled Over

Can you imagine being the guy who pulled over the Easter bunny? He’s got eggs to hide and children to delight! That cop was such a grinch.

The country music star stayed on as a co-anchor after his announcement.

GMA: North Korea Warns “State Of War”

North Korea has said it is in a “state of war.” In response, the U.S. military has flown F-22 stealth fighter jets to South Korea for military exercises. South Korea’s president warned that if North Korea attacks, it will respond with force.


GMA: Interstate 77 Reopens

Interstate 77 in southern Virginia reopened April 1 2013 after the 95 vehicle pileup on Sunday which resulted in three deaths.

GMA: Driver Plows Into Walmart

A driver in San Jose, California went on what police called a “rampage” and went plowing into a Walmart in his vintage Oldsmobile. Then, he jumped out of the car and started hitting people. Four people were injured.

GMA: Sony Debuts Pet Headphones April Fools’ joke

GMA had an April Fools’ joke today where they said Sony was considering debuting a new line of headphones for pets called “Animalia.” There was a big debate on whether that was pronounced “animal-lee-ah” or “an-a-mall-lee-ah.” It included TV for dogs and speakers for hamsters.

GMA: World’s Biggest Rabbit

Ralph the Robust Rabbit, a bunny from the UK, has been declared the world’s most buxom bunny, weighing in at 50 pounds. Ralph’s parents were both Guinesss Book of World Records holders. Ralph’s diet consists of cabbage, broccoli, sweet corn, carrots, cucumbers and a whole tray full of other vegetables. It costs around $100 to feed him.

GMA: Easter Bunny Pulled Over

Lara Spencer swore this story was real, but I have my doubts. An Easter bunny was pulled over on his way to a charity event in San Diego. The charge was driving without a helmet. The officer let him off with a warning.

GMA: Six-Year-Old Drumming Sensation

Six-year-old Avery Molack has become a YouTube sensation with his amazing drumming ability. Brad Paisley said that if they can get him on GMA, he’d play the guitar part for one of the Van Halen songs Avery Molack has been playing. Avery Molack has also rocked Kiss and other classic rock songs.


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