GMA: Brad Goreski Oscars Best Dressed & Jessica Chastain Wore Armani


GMA: Brad Goreski On Stacy Kiebler & Jenna Dewan-Tatum

The Oscars are Hollywood’s most glamorous night and to delve into all the dresses from the night, GMA had celebrity stylist Brad Goreski and ABC’s Rachel Smith. Brad Goreski is the man who dressed Stacy Keibler and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who is pregnant, came to Brad Goreski to help her find a dress. According to Goreski, she asked “What should we do?” and he responded “Let’s do sexy.”


GMA: Brad Goreski Oscars Best Dressed & Jessica Chastain Wore Armani

Jessica Chastain seems to be a favorite among those discussing the Oscar dresses. (Featureflash /

For Stacy Keibler, Goeski said he was going for an Art Deco 1920s vibe. Lara Spencer said her look was one of her favorites of the night.

GMA: Naomi Watts Oscars Dress

Brad Goreski said he loved Naomi Watts’ dress, which he said was a great modern spin on the Art Deco trend on the red carpet. Rachel Smith said that it was modern, but not too modern and had a nice respect to the old dresses of the Oscars. Brad Goreski said she looked like she was dipped in silver.


GMA: Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Dress

Brad Goreski said “When people think of the Oscars, this is what comes to mind,” referring to Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. Lawrence wore a ball gown with a really long train in the back. Goreski said she saved the best awards season dress for last.

GMA: Jessica Chastain Oscars Dress

So, no one’s saying this, but I think we all have to acknowledge that Jessica Chastain was looking very Jessica Rabbit last night. Something about the copper tones throughout the dress matching the red of her hair, not to mention the way she wore her hair, really reminded me of Jessica Rabbit. This was possibly not the impression she was going for.

Nevertheless, Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer, Brad Goreski and Rachel Smith all agreed she looked lovely and that the copper tones were a great choice.

GMA: Jennifer Garner Oscars Dress

Lara Spencer said one of her favorites of the night was Jennifer Garner’s dress, which had a deep purple color and a very extravagant back. Brad Goreski and Rachel Smith agreed it was a wonderful dress.


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