GMA: Boston Governor Shuts Down Boston & Manhunt Underway For Suspect


GMA: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

Good Morning America reported live April 19 2013 about the massive manhunt underway in Boston. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick made a few remarks around 8 a.m. April 19 updating the news on the situation there. Police are searching for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. There were two identified by police yesterday afternoon, Suspect 1 and Suspect 2. Suspect 1 was killed in a shootout with police, but Suspect 2 is still on the run. Suspect 2’s name is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a 19-year-old from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Suspect 1 was his brother.

An MBTA officer was seriously wounded and an MIT security officer was killed. The situation in Boston could not be more serious. Governor Patrick is asking that everyone in the entire city of Boston and several surrounding communities, including Watertown, Cambridge, Waltham, Newton and Belmont, stay indoors with their doors locked and not open their doors for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer. In the entire Boston area, there are 7.6 million people being told to stay inside. The governor assured everyone that they have every single resource available looking for the suspect and that they needed the community’s help.


GMA: Boston Mayor Shuts Down Boston & Manhunt Underway For Suspect

7.6 million people in the greater Boston area are being asked to stay inside, as a manhunt is now underway for a suspect.

Dan Abrams, a legal analyst for GMA, said that a major American city being told to stay inside shows the severity of the situation. “This is not just about a criminal suspect, this is about someone who is a danger to the entire community,” he said. Police are uncertain if Suspect 2 still has other accomplices out there.

GMA: How the Suspects Were Identified

At 10:30 p.m. April 18 2013, the suspects robbed a 7-11 and were caught on camera. Just five hours earlier, Suspect 2 was identified by authorities. When he showed up on the camera at 7-11 robbing the store, the police knew they had their suspect. A shootout occurred a short while later at the campus of MIT, which left an MIT officer dead. The two men carjacked a Mercedes SUV and led police on a chase into Watertown. A shootout occurred there and the suspects hurled grenade-like explosives at police. Suspect 1 later died from his wounds, but Suspect 2 got away. Police told the press that they believed him to be a terrorist.


GMA: The Scene In Watertown

GMA correspondent Linsey Davis reported from the scene in Watertown, on a closed-off street. She said that calling the situation intense was “an understatement.” She said that there are police, ambulances and bomb squads going through the entire area. Buses and subways in Boston are suspended until further notice. Business owners there are being told not to open their doors. There’s a Dunkin Donuts nearby whose manager is standing at the door, monitoring who is coming in and out. News people are being told not to use their cell phones so police won’t suspect them of trying to detonate a bomb. One of the ABC producers had a backpack and police thought she looked suspicious and held her down and put guns to her head, asking her questions. The situation is more than intense.


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