GMA Boston Marathon Bombing Update & Mindy Kaling Sends Love To Boston


GMA: Boston Marathon Bombing Update

Good Morning America reported April 17 2013 that there is still no one in custody and there are no suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. The FBI believes they’ll find the person behind it by analyzing the bombs. The mangled remains of one of the bombs was recovered and is being looked at closely by the FBI, as well as the pictures and video taken by onlookers that day. One of the pictures showed a white sack in front of the fence that disappeared after the explosion, leading investigators to suspect that the bombs were in backpacks.

GMA: Security Concerns On Capital Hill

GMA Boston Marathon Bombing Update & Mindy Kaling Sends Love To Boston

Stars like Mindy Kaling tweeted their sympathies for Boston. (s_bukley /


Mail service has been suspended on Capitol Hill after a letter possibly containing a deadly toxin was addressed to Mississippi senator Roger Wicker, but intercepted at a mail facility in Maryland. The letter is still being analyzed.

GMA: American Airlines Grounded By Glitch

All of American Airlines’ flights were grounded April 16 2013 due to a massive computer glitch. Planes are flying again today, but more cancellations are expected.

GMA: Final Goodbye To Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral was April 17 2013. Queen Elizabeth was present, as well as 2300 dignitaries and guests. At Thatcher’s request, no eulogy was given.


GMA: Preston Davis Passes Away

GMA took a moment to note the passing of Preston Davis, who worked for ABC for 35 years and supervised the technical side of every live televised event on ABC, from football to Presidential elections. Before retiring, he watched over the network’s transition to high definition. He was 63.

GMA: Rachel Smith In For Lara Spencer

Rachel Smith was again doing Pop News today, as Lara Spencer was out. I think she does a fine job, but I miss Lara Spencer. Anyway, Rachel Smith tried to focus Pop News today on the good in the world and the kind acts and words of people. It’s a nice change from the dark news today. Although I think we all might benefit from some lighter news, or a few more views of that spinning seal video.

GMA: Stars Express Their Sympathies For Boston

Several stars expressed their sympathies for Boston. Ashton Kutcher, an Iowa native, tweeted a picture of himself in a Boston Red Sox cap. Mindy Kaling tweeted, “My heart aches for my hometown” and “My love and support to the many Boston area hospitals who are helping the wounded.” Ben Affleck tweeted, “Such a senseless and tragic day. My family and I send our love to our beloved and resilient Boston.”

And comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted a quote from Mr. Rogers’ advice on what to tell children when scary things are in the news, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”


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