GMA: Bone Marrow Donation Process & Sally-Ann Roberts Donated To Robin


GMA: Man Donates Bone Marrow After Seeing Good Morning America

A man named Tim Gilligan saw Good Morning America’s coverage of Robin Roberts’ struggle and bone marrow donation and thought it would be a good thing for him to do. He was raising two young sons with his wife and they were looking for a way to teach them about helping others.

Sometimes, people who sign up to be a donor of bone marrow will never get the call to donate. Other times, it may take years. In Tim’s case, it only took two months. All he knew was that he was a perfect match for  a woman he didn’t even know, somewhere in the world, with leukemia.


GMA: Bone Marrow Donation Process & Sally-Ann Roberts Donated To Robin

Robin Roberts returned to Good Morning America February 20 2013 and her sister talked about her experience donating. (Debby Wong /

Tim said it was a really simple process. He said it was basically just sitting in a chair, hanging out and watching television.

GMA: Robin Roberts’ Sister’s Story Of Donation

Robin Roberts’ sisters, Sally-Ann and Dorothy, were on the show February 20 2013 to talk about their experience donating. Robin Roberts said she really thought her sister Dorothy would be the match for her, since they were closer in age, but Sally-Ann ended up being able to donate for Robin Roberts.


Sally-Ann said she thought it was very important for people to sign up to donate, because they could end up saving a life. She also said she prayed a lot for Robin. She said that ABC was great for standing by Robin throughout this whole process.

Sam Champion said that Robin is part of their family.

GMA: Guest Hosts During Robin Roberts’ Absence

There was a special look back at all the hosts who helped fill Robin’s spot while she was gone, including Jessica Simpson, Bruce Willis, Josh Groban, Michael Strahan, Oprah and Jerry Seinfeld.

This included a clip of Michael Strahan doing a karaoke rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” then a clip of Jerry Seinfeld asking, “How is this a show?”

There was also a clip of all of the hosts, including guest Oprah Winfrey, wearing froggy slippers.

GMA: Robin Roberts Watching GMA

Robin Roberts said it was a real gift to be able to watch Good Morning America from home, because she’s never been able to do that before. She also thanked Amy Robach and Liz Vargas, who took turns every other week filling in for her.

Sam Champion pointed out that just about everyone at ABC, including ABC’s president, was in the room.

“Is there anybody running ABC right now?” he asked. “Is there breaking news happening somewhere?”


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