GMA: Beyonce’s Miss a Meal Campaign & Hugh Jackman Stalker In Custody


GMA: U.S. Offers New Talks With North Korea

Good Morning America reported April 15 2013 that the United States has now shifted its position slightly on North Korea. Secretary of State John Kerry says that the U.S. is willing to hold talks with North Korea, but only if North Korea stops expanding their nuclear weapons program. Meanwhile, North Korea celebrated a three day holiday in honor of the country’s founder. There’s some concern North Korea will launch a missile to mark the holiday.

GMA: Airplane Crashes Into Ocean

GMA: Beyonce's Miss a Meal Campaign & Hugh Jackman Stalker In Custody

GMA reported April 15 2013 that Beyonce is fighting world hunger with her Miss a Meal campaign. (s_bukley /


A Boening 747 crashed into the sea and split in two while trying to land in Bali over the weekend. A new video has been released showing the moments after the crash. Everyone on the plane thankfully survived the crash.

GMA: Hugh Jackman Stalker In Custody

A woman stalking Hugh Jackman is in custody this morning after rushing at Hugh Jackman at the gym. She was crying and screaming that she wanted to marry him and then she threw what he thought was a weapon at him. It turned out to be an electric razor. The woman has approached his family in the past.

GMA: Wacky Gorilla Goose Fight Video

Sometimes Josh Elliott likes to end things with an animal video. Today it was a goose versus a gorilla. The gorilla crept up on the goose, who was apparently protecting a nest. But the goose ran after the gorilla, wiggling its wings, causing the gorilla to run away. Josh Elliott said that when anything creeps up on a goose protecting a nest, the “goose wins every single time.”


GMA: Three Anchors Missing On GMA

Every week for a while now, it’s been a rare sight to see all five anchors on GMA together. It seems like at least one is missing every day. Today, though, only Josh Elliott and George Stephanopoulos remained. Sam Champion and Robin Roberts were both out, and Rachel Smith was in for Lara Spencer. It was a weird day on GMA.

GMA: Beyonce World Tour Kicks Off

If someone’s going to do Pop News that isn’t Lara Spencer, I’m glad it’s Rachel Smith. She really has a good energy and way about her that makes Pop News fun.

Rachel Smith told us that Beyonce’s world tour kicked off April 15 2013 in Serbia. The pop star also said she’s going to help fight hunger in a new campaign called Miss a Meal that encourages donators to skip a meal and donate the money they would have spent at the charity instead.

GMA: Spinning Seal Video

Rachel Smith, not to be outdone by Josh Elliott’s gorilla versus goose video, had a cute animal video of her own. This time, it was a seal that likes to spin in the water. The video has gone viral. Rachel Smith said that they don’t know why he likes to spin, but he does it for a long time.

GMA: Ginger Zee Covers the Weather

Sam Champion was out today and the wonderful Ginger Zee, the meteorologist who normally works on the weekend edition of GMA, filled in for him. She pointed out a sign that a fan made that had spinning clouds and a spinning sun and a picture of Sam Champion on it. “Look at this sign. Look at the art skills!” Ginger Zee said. The 30-something man holding the sign looked really disappointed. Ginger told him that Sam would have loved it. “I was going to give it to him,” he said, sounding extremely sad. But I don’t know why he was so bummed out. That’s Ginger Zee standing next to him! I don’t have a crush on her.


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