GMA: Bea Arthur Naked Painting $1.9 Million & Scandal Live Read Finale


William Shatner Wants Princess Leia & Chewbacca Love Scenes

William Shatner believes that the new Star Wars film needs some intergalactic animal loving. He told Jimmy Kimmel last night that he wants Princess Leia and Chewbacca to get it on in the new film, directed by J.J. Abrams.

Billy Dee Williams, who played the role of General Lando in the original Star Wars, was also in the audience for Kimmel. He suggests that Star Wars Episode VII become all about his character and seductive ladies getting hot and heavy. Josh Elliot asked if his brain could be scrubbed so he could get the images out.


Scandal Live Read at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

GMA: Bea Arthur Naked Painting $1.9 Million & Scandal Live Read Finale

A painting of Bea Arthur naked by John Currin brought in $1.9 million at a Christie’s art auction. (Joe Seer /

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Hollywood hosted its own Scandal  finale last night. The stars of the show came together onstage for a live reading of the final episode.

“There’s nothing like a theater and a good audience,” tweeted Scandal  creator Shonda Rhimes.


Fans of the show nearly brought down Twitter last night. The season two finale had trending topics monopolized across the country as fans expressed their happiness and shock. The final minutes of the episode were tweeted to be extremely shocking for fans. Lara Spencer hasn’t seen the end yet, so don’t spoil it for her!

Painting of Bea Arthur Naked Sells for $1.9 Million

What would you pay to see a Golden Girl naked? Well, now you can get a glimpse of Bea Arthur in her birthday suit. A 1991 painting titled “Bea Arthur Naked” sold at a Christie’s art auction for $1.9 million.

“It brought new meaning to the term Golden Girls,” Lara Spencer said. There really are too many jokes to make here. Lara started to make one about her “Bea Cups” and then couldn’t finish it for laughing.

Bea Arthur never sat for this painting, but the artist, John Currin, depicts her from the waist up. The painting was based on photos of the late actress with her clothing on. Currins works also hang in the Whitney Museum.


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