GMA: Ann Romney Horse Therapy & Katie Couric Internet Predators Show


Good Morning America: Ann Romney & Becca Hart Horse Therapy

Good Morning America talks with Anne Romney about horse therapy and Katie Couric talks about her new show dealing with sexual predators.

Ann Romney returned to Good Morning America to speak about Becaa Hart, a 28 year-old equestrian champion, who has had a genetic disease which causes her muscles to waste away since she was two years old.  She always thought she would get better and become like all the other children. Obviously this did not happen. But when she was 10-years old, she fell in love with horses and after riding just two times, some of her disability seemed to disappear. She said by riding horses, often referred to as Horse Therapy, she has gained the use of her legs again.


Becca Hart Paralympics with Ann Romney

Ann Romney said she met Rebecca Hart when she gave her an award for being the top champion in the world and was given the chance to represent the US in the Paralympics.

Becca Hart said if she had never started riding she would probably be in a wheelchair right now. The horse therapy is what saved her life. She said the Horse Therapy can teach you balance and muscle memory, but more importantly it gives you an animal to love and take care of.

Ann Romney Horse Therapy for MS

Ann Romney said she has used Horse Therapy in the past. The Horse Therapy even gave her the energy and passion to get out of bed when her Multiple Sclerosis was at its worst.


Romney said Horse Therapy has been used on war veterans when they come back from overseas to help them conquer injuries.  It has also been used by autistic children to help them gain confidence in themselves. And it has been shown to work.

Good Morning America: Katie Couric Sexual Predators Show

Katie Couric stopped by the show to talk about her upcoming show where she sits down with three men convicted of being sexual predators. She said she wanted to do the show to inform parents of the dangers on the Internet, citing 1 in 10 children are approached by a sexual predator online. She also wanted to get in the heads of these men to find out how and why they do these malicious acts to children.

She said she sat down with one man, 55, who would meet very young girls in person after soliciting them on the Internet. Another man, who had a 5-year old child of his own, started looking at children and moved on to meeting children in public. The third man, a college student, said he would get pictures of young girls sent to him over the Internet.

Couric said all these men use a technique called grooming to win over the trust of the young children. One man even led a 13-year old girl to believe she was meeting a young man, the love of her life.


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