GMA: Angelina Jolie School For Girls & Ireland Baldwin Modeling Career


GMA: New Threat From North Korea

Good Morning America reported April 3 2013 that North Korea blocked access to an industrial complex that it operated jointly with South Korea. The complex was the last symbol of cooperation between the two countries. Secretary of State John Kerry called North Korea’s escalating threats “reckless” and “provocative.”

GMA: Manhunt For Escaped Convicts

GMA: Angelina Jolie School For Girls & Ireland Baldwin Modeling Career

GMA reported April 3 2013 that Angelina Jolie has a new school for girls in Afghanistan. (Featureflash /


A huge manhunt is underway in Texas for two escaped inmates. Brian Tucker is facing capital murder charges and John King is charged with burglary and other crimes. The two men escaped by crawling under a hole in a fence. Doesn’t that seem like a very cartoonish way to escape from prison? You’d think they’d have guards looking for holes in the fences.

GMA: Two Hikers Lost In Woods

Two teenage hikers, 18-year-old Kyndall Jack and 19-year-old Nicholas Cendoya, are lost in the woods of Southern California. Search teams will look for the third day today. The two teens called Sunday, March 31 2013 saying they were lost and they had run out of water, but then their phone died.

GMA: Rutgers Coach Fired?

There are calls for the Rutgers University men’s basketball coach to be fired this morning, after footage was taken showing Coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing his players, even yelling gay slurs. Rice was suspended in December because of this behavior, but now there’s talk of him being permanently dismissed.


GMA: New World Trade Center Preview

There’s new progress to report on the new World Trade Center in New York City. The developers gave GMA a preview of what the new tower will look like. Even though many of the computer graphics that depicted the tower was at best nonsensical (at one point, the computer-generated video showed an extremely curvy hallway with moving video images on either side, which kind of looked like some weird modern art exhibit), GMA was able to find out that there will be a panoramic view, shops and dining venues. But I didn’t understand the information. Josh Elliott said, “There will be a one minute elevator ride to the top. Curtains will then rise on the panoramic view some one hundred stories up.” Will the curtains rise every single time? I don’t understand.

But the computer-generated view of New York City looked beautiful and you can count on that being a huge draw, even if you have to walk through a video-wall hallway maze to get there. And Josh Elliott said it best to the new World Trade Center, “It will be great to have you back.”

GMA: New Golf Hovercraft

Josh Elliott announced “Bubba’s Hovercraft,” a new golf cart designed by golfer Bubba Watson which can go over land and water. “It’s basically a landspeeder,” Josh Elliott said. There’s only one prototype so far.

GMA: Angelina Jolie School For Girls

Angelina Jolie has opened a new school for girls in Afghanistan. She’s paying for it with 100 percent of the profits from her new high-end jewelry line, Style of Jolie. The school currently educates between 200 and 300 young girls and Angelina Jolie wants to open even more schools around the world.

GMA: Ireland Baldwin Modeling

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland Baldwin has just signed a modeling contract with IMG Models. The girl is six foot, two inches, and looks a lot like her mother. “She will be a very busy young lady,” Lara Spencer said.


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