GMA Anchors Meet Their Dog Doubles & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Variety Show


GMA: Trotter the French Bulldog Doubles For GMA Anchors

Good Morning America March 28 2013 began by showing us photos of Trotter the French Bulldog, the most famous bulldog on Instagram. The bulldog posed as each of the anchors. She posed as George Stephanopoulos with glasses, a black wig, laying on a pile of books and Josh Elliott with a soccer ball in her mouth, big thick sunglasses and sweatbands on her legs. “That’s me, apparently. Or Napoleon Dynamite,” Josh said.

She posed as Robin Roberts with a basketball on her head and with her feet in a pair of athletic shoes and Lara Spencer with heels and a blonde wig. “Can’t it have like antiques or something around it?” Lara Spencer said. Finally, she posed as Sam Champion, with a blonde wig and a rain jacket.


GMA Anchors Meet Their Dog Doubles & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Variety Show

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be creating a new variety show using content provided by people on his site, If he chooses your clip, he’ll split the profits with you 50-50. (s_bukley /

GMA: Nelson Mandela Hospitalized

Nelson Mandela has been hospitalized again for the second time this month. The 94-year-old is being treated for a lung infection.

GMA: U.S. Military Deploys B-2 Bombers In Korea

The U.S. military deployed two B-2 bombers to the Korean Peninsula as a show of force in response to ominous threats from North Korea. The Pentagon says that the flight demonstrates the United States can strike North Korea quickly.


GMA: Florida Millionaire Tries To Protect Fortune

In a story that feels a little too much like the plot of an absurdist comedy, a Florida millionaire tried to adopt his 42-year-old girlfriend to give her access to his children’s trust funds. A court shot polo magnate John Goodman’s request down. The judge accused John Goodman of fraud for not telling his ex-wife about the plan.

GMA: Ryan Gosling Withdrawal Hotline

Last week, GMA reported that Ryan Gosling is taking a break from acting after his next two movies are released. Now, a British company has set up a Ryan Gosling withdrawal hotline, where if you call, you will hear his speech from The Notebook to Rachel McAdams’ character that ends with: “I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday.” Lara Spencer warned that since it’s a British number, long distance rates apply. She also said you could always just rent the movie.

GMA: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Making a Variety SHow

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is making a variety show called Hit Record On TV. The uniqueness of it is that artists, musicians, comedians and whatever else around the globe can send their clip in and if he chooses it for the show, they’ll split the profits 50-50. If you want to start creating, go to “Joseph Gordon-Levitt is terrific,” Josh Elliott said and I have to say I emphatically agree.


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