GMA: Agnes Bruckner Anna Nicole Story & John Travolta Wedding Crasher


Anna Nicole Smith Biopic on Lifetime Starring Agnes Bruckner

Even in death, Anna Nicole Smith remains a controversial topic. Lifetime has produced a new biopic on the star, starring Agnes Bruckner. The Anna Nicole Story follows Smith’s life, modeling career, sketchy past, and even the death of her son just days after the birth of her daughter, Dannielynn. The film will also include Anna Nicole’s tragic death, just six months after Dannielynn’s birth.

You can catch The Anna Nicole Story June 29 2013 on Lifetime.


GMA: Agnes Bruckner Anna Nicole Story & John Travolta Wedding Crasher

Agnes Bruckner is playing Anna Nicole Smith in the Lifetime biopic, The Anna Nicole Story. John Travolta crashed a weeding in Atlanta and posed for photos. (Featureflash /

John Travolta Crashes Wedding

Taking a page from Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s playbook, John Travolta crashed a wedding in Atlanta, Georgia last week. He met the groom the night before and surprised the couple by posing for pictures.  Why Travolta didn’t at least put on a blazer for the wedding is unclear, but he showed up in jeans and a baseball cap.


Nevertheless, if John Travolta crashes your wedding, just smile, nod and snap a picture.

Cody the Screaming Dog

If you have sensitive hearing, you might want to turn down the volume for this next clip. Cody is an adorable little scruffy dog with a strange howl. It sounds like a human screaming. Not a blood curdling scream, but more like a guy being tortured or suffering a nasty breakup.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant: Mediocrity Began When Both Parents Went to Work

During a panel discussion on childhood literacy, Mississippi governor Phil Bryant started a nasty backlash with his comments about working parents. He said that mediocrity began when both parents started working. He began to backtrack on his statement when he realized what he said and attempted to explain himself.

This morning, the governor’s office issued this statement, “Many families don’t have a lot of time because they are balancing both parents being in the workplace.”

Data suggests that the governor’s comments are incorrect. Other countries, like Finland, are the top in reading scores and 3/4 of families have two working parents. Studies also show that students in the U.S. with two working parents do better.


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