GMA: 20/20 Experience Tops Charts & Red Medicine Shames Their No-Shows


GMA: Gay Marriage Fight

There was more news on Good Morning America March 27 2013 about gay marriage. This time, the judges will hear arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act, the law defining marriage as between a man and a woman. At issue is whether gay couples should have the same federal benefits as married straight couples.

GMA: Intense Quake Shakes Taiwan

An unexpected earthquake rocked Taiwan March 26 2013. The 6.o quake injured dozens and killed at least one person.


GMA: FEMA Warns Flood Insurance Price May Increase

GMA: 20/20 Experience Tops Charts & Red Medicine Shames Their No-Shows

Justin Timberlake topped the charts this week with his album The 20/20 Experience. (Featureflash /

FEMA warned homeowners with federal flood insurance that instead of paying hundreds a year for the service, they could end up paying thousands, because Congress wants the program to break even.

GMA: Cyber Attacks Rock the Internet

The internet has been more sluggish for everyone due to a series of recent cyber attacks. Experts say a European internet company, angry over being blacklisted by a group that fights spam, has launched a series of cyber attacks. One expert called it comparable to “a nuclear bomb being dropped on the internet’s plumping.”


GMA: Repaired Picasso Goes For Millions

In 2006, casino owner Steve Winn accidentally stuck his elbow through a Picasso painting he was planning to sell, tearing a six inch hole in it. The painting, La Reve, was already planned to be sold for $139 million. That deal was cancelled. But Steve Winn had it repaired for $90,000 and sold it for even more, to the same guy. Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen bought it from him for $155 million.

GMA: Justin Timberlake Tops Charts

Justin Timberlake’s new album The 20/20 Experience debuted this week at number one on the Billboard Charts. It’s already sold almost a million copies in the first week. There are already rumors that he’s the frontrunner to host the Oscars.

GMA: L.A. Restaurant Shames No-Shows On Twitter

An L.A. restaurant called Red Medicine, one of the 50 best restaurants in the country, has taken to Twitter to shame customers who don’t show for their reservations. The tweets call out the no-showers by name and sometimes even by what their occasion for the reservation was, like a birthday. The owner said that when people don’t show for their reservation, it not only hurts business, but it’s not fair to the other customers who are forced to take an early or late reservation because of it.

One tweet, with the last name omitted, read: “Hi Kyle _____ (323), I hope you enjoyed your gf’s bday and the flowers that you didn’t bring when you no-showed for your 815 res. Thanks.”

Maybe it’s just me, but if I lived anywhere near Red Medicine (which is in Beverly Hills), I would probably never go there again. Yes, it’s polite to call. But you don’t see businesses in other fields shaming their clients who act poorly on social media sites. That’s just bad news. They also don’t know what people’s situations are. Those people could’ve not shown up for any number of reasons What do you think? Is it okay for restaurants to call out no-showers on their Twitter? Do you think more restaurants will do this?


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