GMA 2013 Trends: Bacon Donut, Popcorn Ice Cream & Rhinestone Eyelashes


Good Morning America: 2013 Trends With Jane Buckingham

Good Morning America wanted to make sure they were in on all the hottest trends of 2013, so they called up Jane Buckingham, founder of Trendera, a trend forecasting, consulting, research and multimedia company.

GMA 2013 Fashions: Flats, Loafers & Meggings

Buckingham started out with the new fashion trends for women. In 2012, celebrities and fashionistas worldwide were wearing bright colors like neon pink and neon green. But in 2013, Buckingham said clothes will become more subtle, with the primary colors being black and white. With the fashion world becoming more structured, a lot of people are opting to go more reserved with their clothing, according to Buckingham.


GMA 2013 Trends: Bacon Donut, Popcorn Ice Cream & Rhinestone Eyelashes

Trendera’s Jane Buckingham shared her 2013 trends forecast with GMA, predicting the popularity of rhinestone eyelashes, bacon donuts, and more new fads.

As for the shoes, wedges are going out of style and flats/loafers are becoming the new trend for 2013. It is all about comfort. But don’t worry about throwing those wedges away just yet. Buckingham said “trends aren’t going out of style as fast they usually do.”

For men, it is all about the meggings (male leggings). She also said the bucket hat is making a come back as well.


Good Morning America: 2013 Rhinestone Eyelashes

2012 was the year of the lips but 2013 is going to be all about the eyes. Buckingham said woman are going to be wearing rhinestones on the eyelashes, as well as coloring their eyebrows with exotic colors like blue and neon. Nails are also going to be trendy in 2013. Expect to see lots of color and lots of diamond studs on each nail.

GMA: Bacon Donuts & Popcorn Ice Cream

I had no idea food could be trendy, but Jane Buckingham seems to think it is. She said people are taking dishes to whole new levels in 2013. What was once simple macaroni and cheese is now macaroni and cheese with pork riblets mixed it. And desserts are changing as well. Glazed donuts are going to be taking a back seat to bacon donuts in 2013 and popcorn is going to be in everything from ice cream to breakfast food.

Good Morning America: 2013 Wii U Review

Technology is jumping leaps and bounds in 2013. With the introduction of the Wii U, players are able to play together on one television, play on separate televisions or play on their own controllers against each other.


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